Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Steady Burn

This fiery image is available for purchase, in a variety of sizes and price points, at (Where secure shopping is available and rampant shopping is encouraged!) Look for it in the Scorchers gallery.


This is me -- blogging!


1. Well, I can introduce you to my art, and won't resist if you insist on buying it.

2. When my most random neurons fire, I can share unsolicited thoughts with you. Scarily, some of them may rhyme.

3. I form at least one solid opinion a day – someone should hear it.

I intend to step into the mouth of the beast (um, the blog) several times a week, so


P.S. This blog is under construction. Don't judge me!

Right now I’m: hungry and watching "America's Next Top Model." Sorry . . .