Thursday, February 08, 2007

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Sweet, Sweet Hearts!

Ah, the undeniably commercial allure of Valentine's Day! The red roses, the dark chocolate, the pink champagne!

Okay, so I don't really get Valentine's Day, at all. But, I do get hearts. I love the shape -- round, open, seductive and friendly, with just a couple of sharp points to get your attention. Hearts are pretty, and fun! Can you say the same about rectangles?

I think not!

Of course, not all of my "heart" experiences have been good ones. I remember, all too well, the crushing disappointment I felt upon realizing the thing in my chest was not rounded and pretty like a Valentine's heart.

There I was, all of about 6-years-old, dragging the "H" encyclopedia into my grandmother's room and asking if this illustrated thing was really inside the human body.
Yuck! This was a much greater blow than finding out there's no Santa Claus! (Yes, I really did read encyclopedias -- and dictionaries -- when I was six. The Nerd Effect came early, and easily, to me.)

Now, I make my own pretty (sometimes, pretty unusual) hearts. Valentines Day or not, they'll be available in my shop.

* * *

Back In The Saddle

Way back in my last post (12/06) I mentioned taking a blog break and returning in early '07. Well, I'm ba-ack!

Thank you to my friends who have been - ahem! - nudging me to get back to blogging. I've got a lot planned for this year (fingers crossed!) and you'll all end up hearing every excruciating detail. Be afraid -- be very afraid!

* * *

I'd like to thank the Academy for honoring me with this award . . .

Oops! That's my Oscars speech! Let me try again --

I'd like to thank those of you who did some of your holiday shopping in my store. I hope you're enjoying your (not-so-)new art work!

A special "Thank you!" to Dr. John and Betty, who added so much unexpected joy to my Christmas.

* * *

This week, it's been on the warm side, here. Those of you stuck in the 'big freeze', be careful, cautious, and as warm as possible.

Now, I'm off! (Of course, you already knew that . . . )

EDIT: I guess I was away too long! I've actually overwritten my last post -- d'uh-me!


  1. Hi WJ, thank you very much for linking me up. Your comments on my photo is really an encouragement to me!

    Look forward to reading your blogs again in 2007 and wish your new plan for 2007 a success! (you just remind me that I also need to compose a new year plan myself....)

  2. WJ I can feel the heat rising off of this one...another gorgeous hot one!! Speaking of warm, it's in the 60's here tonight and raining, yuck we need some snow here! Fenny your photo of the soft ivory roses is so very exquisite and I'm thankful that WJ linked to it! I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year and see ya'll next year!!

  3. Hope you have a very Merry Xmas and a fantastic New Year, W.J.!

  4. That picture is just plain erie.
    Thanks for all of your kind comments and actions in the year gone by. I wish you God's fullest blessing in the year to come.

  5. Merry Christmas, W.J.! See you in 2007, I know good things are coming your way!

  6. Merry Christmas W.J.

    Love your red hot works.

    Best wishes for the new year.

  7. Happy New Year WJS. Have a very prosperous 2007.

  8. Just checkin' in to say "HI whatcha doin busy lady?" :D HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  9. Have a great 2007. Thanks for everything.

  10. WJ!!!!!
    Hot! Looks like it's melting!

    Hope 2007 is a fantastic year for you.

  11. WJ
    Hope your holiday went well. Playing catch-up myself.

    I love that you used quotes with the fire images. Great idea.

  12. Hi WJ!
    Thought I'd take a little stroll thru the neighborhood and visit friends this morning. :) I am ashamed to say, that I haven't done that in a long time.

    Hope you're doing well and that your holidays were wonderful.

    I really love the new work you've been doing and also really like your new art cards!

    Have a great weekend!
    talk with you soon

  13. Just want to say hiay and hope all is going well at your end.

  14. Missing you WJ!!

  15. Oh my goodness, you have been taking a break from blogging. I keep checking back to see if you've posted anything new...

    I hope everything is okay on your end???

    Those damn spammers are really hitting you!

  16. Here it is almost February in 2007. we miss yoiu and new pictures.

  17. yes, what's going on? We are missing you. Hope all is well.

  18. Glad your back. But I really don't like blue hearts. They upset my images like a real heart upset yours.

  19. Anonymous5:46 PM

    oooh goody you're baaaaaaaaaack and with such beeeeeautiful hearts, I love the first and last one. They are wonderful. Hope you had a nice blogging break :)


  20. Welcome back W.J. Missed you too. :-)
    Back, and with such a beautiful collection. I rather like the blue heart, well, I like all of them lol

    Good to see you again - have I said that? Looking forward to seeing and hearing more.... :-)

  21. Yeeeaaa WJ's back, its darn good to see you again and your hearts are really gorgeous! I laughed when I read that you also used to read the encyclopedia when a kid too. I used to just spend hours reading all those little articles and looking at the pictures in them. Our old Comptons set had a picture of the human body with about 4 clear acetate sheets showing the different organs, bones, veins and all that yucky stuff, verry fascinating!

  22. I just thought I'd pop on over and check to see if you had re-surfaced! And, yay, I was rewarded with a new post. You took a blog break that I've never managed to accomplish. I can't stay away.

    Glad your back, looking forward to "being afraid, very afraid".

  23. I like the hearts, the blue too.
    Welcome back.
    Looking forward to your new year.

  24. Hi WJ, just stopping by and want to find out whether you are still having a blogging break or really BACK. Look forward to reading your next topic soon! :)

  25. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Cepasa amigos ))

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