Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Leaky kitchen = sinking ship
True Tales of an Insomniac Artist
Wendy J. St. Christopher, Art166.com

Last evening, during an unseasonal downpour, my kitchen ceiling sprang a serious leak. 

I spent the night bailing out, napping in random, 20-minute increments (just in case the rain started again), and remembering, with inappropriate nostalgia, our usual, summer drought conditions. 

The $3.21 in my account won't cut it.  Anyone know a San Antonio roofer who'll 'work for art?'  Hope springs eternal!  :-)

In slightly-exaggerated fact, my kitchen resembled my own abstract, 'Sudden Storm' -- only indoors, which is so, very uncool . . .
exciting abstract thunderstorm in blues and greens depicting heavy rain and lightning
('Sudden Storm' - print prices start at $37 US - click for larger view or purchase)

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St. Christopher signing off @ 4:58 a.m. CST.