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Digital Artist Wendy J. St. Christopher Explores Repetition and Symmetry With New Kaleidoscopic Print Collection

SAN ANTONIO, Tex., USA – Feb. 04, 2014 / – Wendy J. St. Christopher, digital artist and photographer, introduces an intriguing collection of twenty new images, based on the colorful patterning of kaleidoscopes and mandalas. The 'Natural Attributes' collection, is seen online, at

After viewing her art, it's easy to imagine Wendy J. St. Christopher as a child, gazing into a kaleidoscope and daydreaming an afternoon away.

"I grew up on the wrongest side of the wrong side of the tracks," she says, with a wry grin. "In those drab, dreary days, I was always happy to lose myself in the colorful and unexpected -- which I usually found in the pages of books, or the Sears catalog. Now, 'colorful and unexpected' are the primary focus of my art."

Wendy's newest collection of images, titled 'Natural Attributes', is lushly layered and vibrantly hued. The vivid color palette is mostly sampled from nature: fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and other natural elements are all represented in these complex images.

A lifelong insomniac, the idea for the collection came as Wendy was searching for a 3 a.m. snack. The one thing she found, she refused to eat. But, the soft, green, color of the vegetable was suddenly intriguing, and had her reaching for a camera.

"Does anyone like asparagus?" asks the artist. "There was a can lurking in the kitchen cabinet for three years. I just knew I'd find a good use for it, eventually."

About Artist Wendy J. St. Christopher -

Wendy J. St. Christopher's work is an imaginative combination of photographic and digital techniques. A self-taught artist and photographer, her fine art prints have been exhibited in the San Antonio area at Viva Galleria, Timo's Coffeehouse, and other traditional and alternative venues.

Her art has been published in the worldwide-distributed 'Frontiers in Neuroscience', a scientific journal which originates in Switzerland.

Having exhibited her images online for nearly a decade, Wendy's artwork is collected by patrons in the United States and worldwide -- most of whom discovered her unique viewpoint through various Internet venues.

Wendy considers the Internet a marketing miracle, saying, "I don't own a car now; twenty years ago, that would have limited my marketing efforts to the local bus routes. Instead, via the 'net, I've garnered clients and supporters from several continents. Art and technology -- the possibilities boggle the mind!"

You can see Wendy J. St. Christopher's primary website, including the 'Natural Attributes' collection:

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