Saturday, July 01, 2006

~ Sudden Leap

~ Flagged

~ Chamber Trio

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Look for them in the Profondo Rosso gallery.


The Backstory -

For the last few days, I haven't blogged, haven't responded to comments (which, of course, would lead to blog-surfing!), and, honestly!, have not been goofing off!

What I have been doing, is tweaking and finishing some new images, and finally loading up and unveiling my new "Profondo Rosso" gallery over at!

This is a "tribute" gallery, in honor of one of my very favorites movies: "Deep Red" (released in Europe as "Profondo rosso"). Deep Red is an amazing, surreal, horror/thriller written and directed by Dario Argento and starring the late, wonderful, David Hemmings.

I've seen this movie countless times (certainly more than 100) and still watch it whenever the mood strikes me. About a year ago, in the middle of a "Deep Red" night (after midnight -- the movie on, the lights off, a pack of Red Vines and a cold bottle of water for sustenance), I had the (bright?) idea of creating a collection of very red images in honor of the movie's title. After months of fits and starts, and several dozen finished pieces later, the "Profondo Rosso"
gallery is finally a "Go!"

New images will be added, weekly, as long as my existing supply holds out, or while my red muse allows me to produce them. Now, on to the Next Big Project! (More on that in a week or two.)

Note: All of my red images are general-populace-friendly. The movie, however, is not for the faint of heart. Don't say I didn't warn you!

* * *

So, what's one of your favorite movies? Has watching it ever inspired you to action? Were the results of such action a good thing, or a "what-was-I-thinking???" thing?

* * *

Oops, almost forgot; it's Canada Day! Click here to see the festivities, straight from Parliament Hill!

And here to listen to "O Canada!", the national anthem!


  1. W.J. all three of these works are red hot gorgeous!! The movie must be really amazing to inspire you to make these beauties! I have to go check out your links now. But is the movie really gorey? I'm too chicken to watch the really bloody flicks but you sure got me curious about this movie! :O I get inspiration from the "Lords of the Rings" movies and ones with the night magic scenes. If you're ever watched 'Smallville' they do an incredible job on making night scenes which are artistically great too!

  2. Lynette said:

    "I'm too chicken to watch the really bloody flicks but you sure got me curious about this movie! :O"

    W. J. says:

    Oh, Lynette, if that's true, then this is definitely NOT the movie for you! It IS gory, but it's also moody, suspensful, atmospheric, with a great soundtrack and my dream house. Plus, a young, angelicly confused David Hemmings.

    But, yeah, the cringe level is very high.

    I'm glad you like the images -- I don't think any other pieces have been more enjoyable to create than these very red ones. They'd look great in so many different environments; here's hoping I'm not the only one who thinks so!

    Yep, I've watched "Smallville" from episode one. How about those scenes when they cut to the night sky outside of Clark's 'barn' windows! I wait for those! And, Tom Welling, of course; perhaps the greatest work of art I've seen in a while . . .

  3. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been neglecting it lately, but took some time out to pay homage to the Twilight Zone.

    I have to get more DVDs...I have most of the episodes, but a lot of them were taped from the Sci Fi channel. I'm just too poor to invest in them right now!

  4. Happy Canada Day!
    I haven't been blogging, either but I've been away. I have also been busy chasing a kitty.

    I LOVE red. "Sudden Leap" looks very Oriental to me. Very nice:) Stay busy.

  5. Oops...Forgot the favorite movie. Right now my favorite movie is "The Usual Suspects".

  6. The pictures are profound but I am not . i have no progfound thought about them. I like the first an dlast one better than the one in the middle. The first one looks like wood spirits and the last one like three broken eggs. Don't throw things I told you I wasn't profound.

  7. WJS, you seem to be be going through a 'red period' sort of like Picasso, only I think I 'understand' what you're trying to achieve.

    Keep up the good work. One day I may even buy one of your artistic endeavours. Once I get my noggin around buying online.

  8. W.J
    Thank you very much for the nod to Dr. John. The traffic has increased today and the comments keep on coming. Chicago Sunsets is alive this weekend!
    Talk soon,

  9. Hi WJ!

    Absolutely breathtaking! I really love them all!!

    I was going to rent "Deep Red" a few weeks back, but it was out and then I forgot all about it...thank you for the reminder!! Now I REALLY have to see it. haha

    I have a lot of favorite movies that get me "moving" in one way or another. A newer movie, "Drumline" inspires me a lot. Mostly because I was a musician when I was younger (woodwinds - favorite of mine is the Bassoon). Music really takes a hold on me and the soundtrack of that movie--all those awesome drum cadences move me in ways I cannot describe. :) I could go on, but I've already written quite a lot so I'll quit now. lol

    have a great week!! Happy Fourth!

  10. Oh David Hemmings was wonderful sigh!!!!!! I love reading your backstories.

    Fave movie. Well the one I can watch over and over and never tire of is "Zulu" with michael caine.
    I am going to see about renting deep red though. It will be fun to think of your work as I watch it.

  11. I have a fondness for red too! Chamber trio is my favorite. I'm not sure a movie has spurred me to do anything that I remember. Songs often do have that effect though.

    I'll have to look for "Deep Red" next time I'm browsing for movies. One of my favorite movies that I haven't seen in a long time is "Wild at Heart" with Diane Ladd, Laura Dern, Nicholas Cage and Willem Dafoe and directed by David Lynch. I just love the part when Diane Ladd is getting crazier and crazier and starts to over apply her lipstick, gets out of control and ends up with lipstick all over her face.

    Wait, it did spur me into action...I did that (the lipstick scene)in front of my husband one night to see if it would freak him out. That might be too much information....

  12. Hi, beckeye!

    Well, if you're gonna take the time to blog, it should be about something as amazing as "The Twilight Zone"! I love TV -- a LOT of TV -- but I don't think anything has ever come close to that series!

    My "Twilight Zone" DVDs were a gift, or I wouldn't have them, either!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Hey, Tammi! Hope things are well with your "Foundling Kitties Home".

    I LOVE the "The Usual Suspects"! I LOVE Kevin Spacey! Good choice!

    Thanks for commenting on the "reds"!

  14. Dr. John said:
    "The pictures are profound but I am not."

    W. J. says:
    Poppycock! Anyone who's read your blog knows you're as deep as an ocean! Your profundity is the stuff of legend!

    Dr. John said:
    "Don't throw things."

    W. J. says:
    I can't stop myself!!!

  15. Johnny Jazz said:
    WJS, you seem to be be going through a 'red period' sort of like Picasso

    W. J. says:
    This is priceless, John, and may be the only time in recorded history that my name and Picasso's will be written in the same sentence! Though, I admit, I'm not a Picasso fan . . .

    Johnny Jazz said:
    Once I get my noggin around buying online.

    W. J. says:
    Well, even if you never do, I still like that you stop by to see what I'm up to! I can barely remember when you were "new" around here!

    I do most of my buying online and can't imagine giving up the convenience, especially since I don't have a car right now, and this city is geographically HUGE! I only wish I could do online grocery shopping -- though I know it's possible in some areas.

  16. My pleasure Chris! You deserve it; your sunsets are consistenly gorgeous!

  17. Hi, Shilo!

    I'm glad you like them! They're getting some great feedback on my Yessy site.

    When you pick up "Deep Red" be sure it's not the low budget action/adventure flick that came out in the early '90s. Different thing, entirely! And see if you can find the un-cut, 120 minute version. Not the sliced and diced 90-something minute version (I didn't think to put that in my blog post. Darn!)

    Drumline??? Ohmygosh, I CRY over that movie! I was a school-band drummer for several years, but gave it up to sing in a rock band. The movie has a nice story, but I get all emotional just hearing the drumming and watching the band practice scens! You know, as the drummers go, so goes the band!

    Band geeks -- we're an odd breed!

    Happy "Fourth" to you, Shilo!

  18. Jafabrit said:

    "Oh David Hemmings was wonderful sigh!!!!!! I love reading your backstories.

    W. J. says:
    Wasn't he, though? Have you seen "Blowup"? The epitome of '60s "cool".

    I really enjoy writing the backstories! It's fun sharing my varied interests with my unsuspecting peeps!

    I haven't seen Zulu(though I'm a Michael Caine fan). I'll have to put it on my list.

    You're gonna love (or, maybe not!) "Deep Red", but see my response to Shilo, above, before you rent it!

  19. Hi, Cynthia!

    I've actually had a large-format repro done of "Chamber Trio". I needed a sample to be sure my print lab could get a good match on the reds. The large size looks pretty amazing (she said, modestly)!

    See my response to Shilo, above, before you rent "Deep Red", and send the minor children to bed!

    How about that "Wild at Heart" cast, huh? Amazing! And, I'm pretty sure David Lynch is clinically insane! Of course, I like that in a man . . .

    Cynthia said:
    "Wait, it did spur me into action...I did that (the lipstick scene)in front of my husband one night to see if it would freak him out. That might be too much information....

    W. J. says:
    Nope! Too much information would be telling what happened after your lipstick demonstration.

    C'mon! Spill!

  20. Pay It Forward is one of the movies that I really remember inspiring lots of people to take action...well, that was of course until another movie came out and they forgot all about it. Dr. John sent me.

  21. Love the red work. Have to check out the rest.

    Decided to start from the end of Dr. John's marathon list.

  22. HI WJ!
    YES!! I cry like a baby too watching that movie (Drumline)...glad to know I'm not alone! I'm forever a band-geek too! lol

    I came by way of Dr. John today. :D
    talk with you soon!
    have a great day:D

  23. The red work is beautiful!!! Dr John sent me.

  24. First time visitor from Dr. John's marathon. I started from the end of the list rather than the beginning. I have been meaning to visit you from your comments left on Dr. Johns but haven't until now and I am delighted to meet a fellow artist. Movies do not inspire me but when I see art, I always want to go and open a studio and have an art show some day, Once my youngest is in school, I may strt on some works. I like your work and will be back once the marathon is over!


  25. Sorry to wake you up this morning...I had no idea my comments could have that kind of effect on people!

  26. I like your work
    I am in Dr John's marathon and I am so far behind so just a hi.

  27. Annette said:
    "Sorry to wake you up this morning...I had no idea my comments could have that kind of effect on people!"

    W. J. says:
    Thanks for stopping by, Annette! Now, you know the full extent of your awesome power!

  28. Thank you, Janvangogh! I started at the end of the list, too, but didn't make it very far!

  29. Thanks for dropping by, Catch! Dr. John is doing a lot of that, recently!

  30. Hi, Lori! It's nice to meet you, too!

    Ah, a show -- now there's something to shoot for! While we're dreaming, let's make it a solo show, in the most amazing venue in town -- with paparazzi and fawning admirers!

    Oops . . . Did I say that out loud?

    Glad you came by, Lori; stop in, anytime!

  31. Hi, Betty, and thanks for being a part of the crazy marathon that brought you here! I made it through some of the list -- the spirit was willing, but time was not on my side. I ended up way in the back of the marathoning pack!

    That Dr. John -- I just can't keep up with him! (I'll bet you say that all the time!)

  32. WJ, I was surfing and came across another blog, which had a photo of a plane that you worked on. Just wanted to tell you that it was wonderful. Really special!

  33. 'morning, Threecollie, and thanks, so much, for your comments! I'm glad you liked it -- it was pure wonder to work on it!

    I was pretty surprised to see that posting, myself! Cynthia told me she was going to post about it, but she really did it up in grand style.

    I'm honored!

  34. I found your stuff through BlogExplosion. I think it's great. Really great, actually. I love the colors in these first two. But generally it's all real damn good.

  35. Brian?

    Is this Brian, my confessed lurker from "[Catchy Title]"???

    Wow, I'm honored that you've come over to leave a comment; it's about time! (Okay, I just saw your blog yesterday, for the first time, so I can't really chastise you, but still . . .)

    Thanks for the nice shout-out on your blog, and thanks, really, for letting the world know I'm not a virus.

    I guess, maybe, one cool thing did come out of the '80s. You're what? 24?

    I'm glad you like the work -- now, don't be a stranger!

  36. So vibrant and sensuous WJ, wonderful work. I was trying to decide which of your themes I like best, a hard one, very hard. Profondo Rosso, Witcher's Lamp, Yesterday's Trees... and, and haha all amazing.