Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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~ Beyond the Sun
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~ In the City


Today, we were expecting a veritable deluge. Oh, joy!

This morning's weather report explains that said deluge will completely bypass the entire county. ~ Sigh ~

In protest of Mother Nature's abrupt brush-off, I've posted two "hot" pics.

* * *

In other news, three masked men robbed a local "Jack in the Box", overnight.

"Would you like fries with that?"



  1. The second looks like an old print with a warhol kind of feel to it. I really like how you did this. Shall I throw manifico your way :)

    hope you are doing well.
    all the best from jaf (as lyn is now calling me)

  2. WJ!!

    Stupid weather eh?!!

    These are great. But I love the second one. It's just perfect. I can totally see it on the wall of an art gallery. The colours, compostion, texture, all amazing.

  3. The picture is like the inside of a heavenly cathedral.

  4. ..and I agree that these are absolutely gorgeous!!! I can see the heat waves radiating and shimmering. Aww I hope your weatherman is wrong (like they are so many times) and that your county got some rain W.J. I hate when it gets so dry and hot and the grass turns into sticky little brown stubs. That 2nd is my fave too, incredible!!

  5. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I'm still alive...My PC on the other hand...

    Love the City. The colors are beautiful.

  6. It seems that the global weather is becoming more weird nowadays, no matter whether it's in America or Asia.

    Your works are simplying amazing. The first one looks like a spiral ladder inside a "heavenly cathedral" (can't find a better desciption than that from Dr John) whereas the second one looks like an old picture.

  7. oh i'm loving the yellows lately...the top, sun is wow, wow...great job...

  8. I love "Beyond The Sun".

    I think it's fantastic!

  9. These are so beautiful W.J. how do you capture that "inner light" glow, so fitting to the cathedral subject. Not sure but I think no. 1 is my favourite. Absolutely gorgeous. :)
    Hope you get rain! Can sympathize but we DID get rain today Yaaaay!!
    Love the news updates especially *Jack in the Box* story :-)

  10. I like both.
    I am sorry but i can't finish my comment Dr JOhn need me I have to leave.

  11. I love the building one.
    did you get any rain? stupid weather.

  12. Wonderful works! I like all of your new ones a lot, the colors, composition and handling of your medium.

    Talk about busy!

    I hope you received the much needed rain!

  13. Tried toi send you some blog cards just for fun . thought your address might be the same as Art166 but know now it isn't because they came back. I still would like to send them to you if you would e-mail me your address. I'm at:

  14. Found your blog via Six Legged Critter, full of beautiful and interesting images, excellent!

  15. Thanks, JB! I imagine that's the only time anyone will ever see me referenced in the same sentence as Warhol!

    Snoo!! Thank you! I'd love to see it on display, too. Maybe someday . . . Hope you're well!

    That's a beautiful comment, Dr. John. I'm glad you like it!

    Thanks, Lynette! I think this pic feels like a city on the very edge of a desert. What can I say; everything I touch turns to heat, these days! Of course, I also did a cool, blue version of it. (Okay, I'll admit that I actually did half a dozen versions of it!) No rain yet, and none in the forecast!

    Tammi! I was wondering if you were still down. Is there any chance your PC is suffering from Bird Flu? Hope it's better, soon!

    Hi, Fenn, and thanks very much. The second one is an "old picture"! I shot it in 2005!

  16. Thank you, Chana! You know how much I like a double "wow"! Glad you like them, and hope you're feeling well!

    Thanks, TC! I think I remember that you like yellow. I won't decorate with it, but it makes a heck of a statement spread all over a 'virtual' canvas!

    Thank you, Sandy! Ah, that "inner light" is a trade secret, but I'm glad you enjoy it! Not a drop of rain -- still! Good to hear someone's enjoying the news snippets. I'm usually working on the blog early in the morning while watching the first newscast of the day. Thought it would be fun to foist the more "unexpected" tidbits off on my blog readers! One girl's fun . . .

    Thanks, Betty. I hope it was only a minor crisis with Dr. John! I suspect you guys are pushing yourselves way too hard with all the house stuff . . .

    Hi, Karen. That building is actually part of a medical complex, and is a greyish-white stone. I thought it needed a little something! No rain . . .

    Thanks, Cynthia, and your complimentary alliteration is very much appreciated! And, yes, it's my medium even when I have to wrestle it into cooperating! Rain? That word sounds familiar . . . Like something from a distant dream . . .

    Thank you, very much, for the kind words, Kevin, and welcome to Art166! How about that Johnny Jazz, huh? Threatens to go on "hiatus" and then just can't stay away! I'll have to thank him for sending me such a generous visitor!

  17. Whoa. I saw something like the inner frame of that first one at some point.

    I was nowhere near a computer. And I may have been on something at the time.