Wednesday, April 09, 2008

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~ Original photo
~ Complex - Glow

~ Complex - Mandarin 1
~ Complex - Mandarin 2

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Recently, I had an urge to revisit my photo of grain elevators (I think that's what they're called). The original photo, above, was taken in Flatonia, Texas.

Amazing what can be found in the most unexpected places!

"Glow" is available at, as a poster or Fine Art print.

Eventually, I hope to offer all of these printed on Metallic paper, which should look incredible! I'll order sample prints, soon.

Monday, April 07, 2008

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An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.
~ Charles Horton Cooley

* * *

After a false start (the large, square centerpiece of my exhibit had to be shelved at the last minute), the " The Art Of Being a Woman" gallery show has come and gone. I didn't sell a single piece, but there's something immensely gratifying about having my work in a gallery for a month -- and the show looks great on my resume!

Also, it was a chance to give my "What is digital art?" mini-spiel to a lot of curious people. Knowledge is power, you know.

The first two pics, above, are from the March 8 premiere, where we were serenaded by Laura Marie, a very
talented, local singer-songwriter.

As a special bonus, Laura Marie set up in the perfect space -- with my wall of work as her backdrop. I love it when a plan comes together. (insert world-dominating laughter here)

As you might (or, might not!) have guessed, the bottom two pics, above, are actually abstract manipulations of a photo of my work hanging on that lovely, red wall.

A digital art photo manipulation of exhibited digital art. How could I resist?

* * *

On a personal note --

Dear Blog visitors,

In another attempt to get back on a more consistent blogging schedule, I'm going with a new plan.

I have very little to say these days (my life is becoming increasingly small and uneventful), so I'll have my say (don't be afraid...) on Monday or Tuesday, and post pics and tidbits during the rest of the week -- hopefully, every other day.

Will I actually get with the new program? Time will tell -- where there's life, there's hope!

~ W. J. St. Christopher

* * *

Final Words

It's warm, humid, and uncomfortable, here, and my AC is on the fritz. Nine or ten months of insufferable, South Texas summer stretches ahead.

Pray for me . . . or relocate me. Preferably, both.