Monday, April 07, 2008

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An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.
~ Charles Horton Cooley

* * *

After a false start (the large, square centerpiece of my exhibit had to be shelved at the last minute), the " The Art Of Being a Woman" gallery show has come and gone. I didn't sell a single piece, but there's something immensely gratifying about having my work in a gallery for a month -- and the show looks great on my resume!

Also, it was a chance to give my "What is digital art?" mini-spiel to a lot of curious people. Knowledge is power, you know.

The first two pics, above, are from the March 8 premiere, where we were serenaded by Laura Marie, a very
talented, local singer-songwriter.

As a special bonus, Laura Marie set up in the perfect space -- with my wall of work as her backdrop. I love it when a plan comes together. (insert world-dominating laughter here)

As you might (or, might not!) have guessed, the bottom two pics, above, are actually abstract manipulations of a photo of my work hanging on that lovely, red wall.

A digital art photo manipulation of exhibited digital art. How could I resist?

* * *

On a personal note --

Dear Blog visitors,

In another attempt to get back on a more consistent blogging schedule, I'm going with a new plan.

I have very little to say these days (my life is becoming increasingly small and uneventful), so I'll have my say (don't be afraid...) on Monday or Tuesday, and post pics and tidbits during the rest of the week -- hopefully, every other day.

Will I actually get with the new program? Time will tell -- where there's life, there's hope!

~ W. J. St. Christopher

* * *

Final Words

It's warm, humid, and uncomfortable, here, and my AC is on the fritz. Nine or ten months of insufferable, South Texas summer stretches ahead.

Pray for me . . . or relocate me. Preferably, both.


  1. hello, and hi, nive to meet you, thanks for visiting my blog:) I discover yours now, very interesting to meet an artist who works digitally excusively.
    Congratulations for the show, it looks great and what an "ambiance"! With music!

    Have a wonderful week, we in Paris here have had snow today, which is exceptional, especially for this time of the year. We could use a little of your warmth here...

    Greetings from Paris

  2. Wendy J., your works look so stunningly beautiful hanging on that lovely red wall!! Yes, it's a valuable item to have on your resume too! I would love to have been there in person and hear the singing. Ugh, don't remind me of summer coming up and I hope you can get some AC before those hot months!
    :( It's hot as blazes here in Virginia in the summer too!

  3. Hi Andrea, wow I just read that you are having snow in Paris, that sounds so romantic! I think any weather would sound romantic in Paris though, sigh! :) Oh I would love to visit her one day!

  4. You show looked really beautiful and while you didn't sell (I have had the same experience last two shows and it doesn't feel so great) it is important to be out there and seen, and yes, good on a resume.

    As for blogging, you just have to do what feels right :)

  5. I've missed you - and glad to see a post :D

    I think a schedule is good too - I know it helps me. Sometimes, I have a lot to say, sometimes - not so much. I'm saving my finger condom post for one of those days. You just have to see it, that's all I say.

    Congratulations with your show. It looks well attended and I love the way your work looks on the colorful backdrop.

  6. glad to see you around. I've missed you. As Jafabrit said...... blog when it feels appropiate........ (did she say that? *wink) We enjoy you when you do post ....

  7. Hi WJ!!

    Wow, congratulations on your gallery showing! Your artwork really made that wall come alive. :D

    I too, am trying to get back on schedule and into more of a routine. Now that we don't have to arrange my time around him and whatever he wants to do, things should fall into place least I hope so.

    I would love to move into southern WI, you're welcome to join me. At least the winters wouldn't be as harsh as I'm used to and the summers would be bareable. :D

    Talk with you again soon! Keep up the fantastic work!

  8. Wonderful! Congratulations on the show, your work looks fantastic. And yes what a highlight for your resume!

    I've been away from the blogging scene for a while but so good to come back and see your amazing collections.
    "Power to the force!" Definately, may it always be with you.

    Oh love that one centre bottom.

  9. After a long cold winter warm and humid doesn't sound so bad. I hope you get your Air Conditioner fixed soon.
    The two prints are interesting. I have always enjoyed your art.