Friday, February 23, 2007

~ Part of the "Please, Take A Seat . . . " series

11"x14" giclee digital reproductions in
Limited Editions of 166

Coming soon to

$45.00 USD ea.

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Pop Quiz:

You're at Timo's Coffeehouse, sitting alone in the tiny front-window alcove. You're deep into daydreaming, cogitating, contemplating, and/or generally zoning out, when these really great, wooden chairs begin to . . . *speak* to you. Wha'd'ya do?

A. You *speak* back, engaging in animated debate until experiencing a total psychotic break.

B. You ignore them. Everyone knows that talking to chairs is like conversing with a bump on a log.

C. You shove most of the furniture to the very back of the room ("Out of my way, tables!") leaving one table and two very expressive chairs front and center. Then, spend 30 or 40 minutes kneeling on a concrete floor while you, and your ubiquitous Canon, put these unsuspecting pieces through their photographic paces.

(Hey, how hard should a Pop Quiz be?)

* * *

Hi, guys! This is a "hit & run" post; I have a show coming up in one week and I'm w-a-y busy (not to mention, hopelessly disorganized).

Have an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

~ Brain Chemistry
~ Spiralicious
~ Red Dream 01
~ Red Dream 02

ACEO digital reproductions in
Limited Editions of 20
$3.00 USD ea.

Available now at my Etsy "Small Works" Shop. All ACEOs are constructed of acid-free materials and are printed on professional-grade Kodak paper with high quality, fade-resistant pigment and dye based inks.
Click here to purchase.

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~ What You See . . .

Red Dream 01
and Red Dream 02, above, began life as photos of a wall in my living room.

Go figure.

* * *

~ Stop the madness!

Despite the fact that I can barely find the time to maintain one blog, I'm actually thinking of starting a second, which will operate strictly as a "selling" gallery.

I'm attributing this insane idea to general sleep deprivation and a long-term lack of dark chocolate. Wouldn't it be great if Hershey's and Godiva chocolates grew on trees in my back yard? Of course, I'd have to invest in better sunblock, 'cuz I'd be spending a lot more time outdoors!

* * *

Cold again, warm again, cold again . . .

So, after days of unseasonably mild weather, we're expecting the lowest temps of the season over the next two to three days.

Someday, I'll live in a great, modern house with adequate heating and cooling systems and won't have to dread the extreme temperatures.

But, not today.

* * *

~ Prime Time

Is anyone keeping up with "Heroes"?

So, who's gonna bite the bullet next week? I'm betting we'll see the last of one of Claire's moms -- the adopted one or the natural one (who's anything but Mother of the Year!)

How do I love "Heroes"?

Let me count the ways . . .

Thursday, February 08, 2007

~ A variety of digital heart reproductions,
in various sizes, priced from
$3.00 - $20.00
Available now at my Etsy "Small Works" Shop.
Click here to purchase.

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Sweet, Sweet Hearts!

Ah, the undeniably commercial allure of Valentine's Day! The red roses, the dark chocolate, the pink champagne!

Okay, so I don't really get Valentine's Day, at all. But, I do get hearts. I love the shape -- round, open, seductive and friendly, with just a couple of sharp points to get your attention. Hearts are pretty, and fun! Can you say the same about rectangles?

I think not!

Of course, not all of my "heart" experiences have been good ones. I remember, all too well, the crushing disappointment I felt upon realizing the thing in my chest was not rounded and pretty like a Valentine's heart.

There I was, all of about 6-years-old, dragging the "H" encyclopedia into my grandmother's room and asking if this illustrated thing was really inside the human body.
Yuck! This was a much greater blow than finding out there's no Santa Claus! (Yes, I really did read encyclopedias -- and dictionaries -- when I was six. The Nerd Effect came early, and easily, to me.)

Now, I make my own pretty (sometimes, pretty unusual) hearts. Valentines Day or not, they'll be available in my shop.

* * *

Back In The Saddle

Way back in my last post (12/06) I mentioned taking a blog break and returning in early '07. Well, I'm ba-ack!

Thank you to my friends who have been - ahem! - nudging me to get back to blogging. I've got a lot planned for this year (fingers crossed!) and you'll all end up hearing every excruciating detail. Be afraid -- be very afraid!

* * *

I'd like to thank the Academy for honoring me with this award . . .

Oops! That's my Oscars speech! Let me try again --

I'd like to thank those of you who did some of your holiday shopping in my store. I hope you're enjoying your (not-so-)new art work!

A special "Thank you!" to Dr. John and Betty, who added so much unexpected joy to my Christmas.

* * *

This week, it's been on the warm side, here. Those of you stuck in the 'big freeze', be careful, cautious, and as warm as possible.

Now, I'm off! (Of course, you already knew that . . . )

EDIT: I guess I was away too long! I've actually overwritten my last post -- d'uh-me!