Tuesday, February 13, 2007

~ Brain Chemistry
~ Spiralicious
~ Red Dream 01
~ Red Dream 02

ACEO digital reproductions in
Limited Editions of 20
$3.00 USD ea.

Available now at my Etsy "Small Works" Shop. All ACEOs are constructed of acid-free materials and are printed on professional-grade Kodak paper with high quality, fade-resistant pigment and dye based inks.
Click here to purchase.

* * *

~ What You See . . .

Red Dream 01
and Red Dream 02, above, began life as photos of a wall in my living room.

Go figure.

* * *

~ Stop the madness!

Despite the fact that I can barely find the time to maintain one blog, I'm actually thinking of starting a second, which will operate strictly as a "selling" gallery.

I'm attributing this insane idea to general sleep deprivation and a long-term lack of dark chocolate. Wouldn't it be great if Hershey's and Godiva chocolates grew on trees in my back yard? Of course, I'd have to invest in better sunblock, 'cuz I'd be spending a lot more time outdoors!

* * *

Cold again, warm again, cold again . . .

So, after days of unseasonably mild weather, we're expecting the lowest temps of the season over the next two to three days.

Someday, I'll live in a great, modern house with adequate heating and cooling systems and won't have to dread the extreme temperatures.

But, not today.

* * *

~ Prime Time

Is anyone keeping up with "Heroes"?

So, who's gonna bite the bullet next week? I'm betting we'll see the last of one of Claire's moms -- the adopted one or the natural one (who's anything but Mother of the Year!)

How do I love "Heroes"?

Let me count the ways . . .


  1. W.J. ooh, these are so gorgeous and almost seem to be moving on my screen like optical illusions!I really love th colors in the first and second! Hey the chocolate tree sounds like a tree I would like a whole orchard of. You could pick bushel baskets of Hershey's mineratures, yumm!! The darks are my faves too, I always pick out the gold color edged foil ones from the bag hehe! I don't watch Heros but my husband does. I got creeped out in that first episode when it showed that guy with half his head cut off and scooped out like a melon and his wife stuck to the wall with knives,eeeek too creepy for me but I hear the eerie music when my husband's watching it. I'm usually on the computer. :D

  2. hello beautiful. how lovely your new pics are. i love the reds and i just saw some hearts at the side in flickr, the pink one is fav..

    you have been keeping busy and doing marvelous job of course..

    wanted to stop by and treat my eyes to your beautiful work. thank you for your lovely comments and the friendship.

    hoping that the weather stabilizes soon. the hot and cold thing is not good for colds i think.

    i don't watch heroes so i can't help, i'm a Lost fan...and i'm lost there too, lol...

    leaving you many hugs and good wishes and all love.


  3. You've been a busy girl.

    I love the colors you have chosen ... how appropriate for the month.

  4. I liked brain chemistry best.

  5. Anonymous9:41 PM

    I'm with Dr. John about Brain Chemistry.

    It's tough to keep up with everything but I would love to see you start a selling blog.

    I try to use blog-time as a reward for getting all of my work done...Haven't been blogging much.

  6. woo hoo, have you been busy, lovely.
    selling blog sounds like a good idea.

  7. I love Brain Chemistry too...I could totally see this in fabric and thread! My bias showing through or maybe obsession.

    I'm finding less and less time to blog these days, which is both a good and bad thing. Good because that means I'm being productive on the art front, bad, because I always feel like there's something on my to-do list.

  8. Love the Red Dream ones; seems like the Target logo on acid. And I'd have to agree with you about Claire's adoptive mom buying the farm, but Jessica, Ando, and Mohinder could be likely candidates as well. You just never know with this show, since sometimes they go for the obvious, then other times they go for the big surprise. I'm also gonna guess that the "one will fly" won't be Peter, but anything is possible.

  9. So much for my prognostication skills... wrong & wronger!

  10. Hi W.J. What a busy lady and such intrigueing and beautiful images as always. My favourite is Brain Chemistry and just wondered how it would have looked mounted on a broader black backing than on the white? love it, just curious. :-)