Wednesday, June 28, 2006

~ Steady Burn
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Available (unframed) at


Last week, I pulled "Steady Burn" right out of my portfolio, had it mounted, matted and framed, and donated it to the San Antonio Chapter of the American Advertising Federation for their "31 Flavors of Art" silent charity auction.

It was for a good cause (a scholarship fund), and I was happy to be a part of that, but . . .

You know that feeling you get when you dress your kid up in his nicest clothes and take him to a great party, but then forget to bring him back home?

That's the feeling I had.

It's fading . . . slowly.

Luckily, "Steady Burn" is an Open Edition and can never 'sell out', and I'll be able to replace my copy, eventually. When I do, it's not going back into the portfolio. I fully intend to mount it, mat it, frame it and hang it on my living room wall! I'm always so anxious for my buyers to enjoy the work, but I don't make the effort to enjoy it more, myself.

Lesson learned!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Fractal images - coming soon to my
Art166 Etsy Shop.


Cynthia wrote:

I don't know a whole lot about digital painting, but what is a fractal? I just know basic Photoshop:

Thanks for providing today's topic, Cynthia! (Visit Cynthia's blog to see her fabulous pottery and ceramics, and her great, new, series of daily paintings!)

If you Google that question, you'll find 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fractals' and then some, and then some more! I spent about three days reading before I ever downloaded any software. What was I thinking?

Here's a "tech-lite" definition:

Fractal Image - An image that is created by mathematically generated geometric shapes containing an infinite amount of image detail.

Translation: Fractals are geometry.

Sounds like too much fun, right?

The good news? Fractal imaging software programs come loaded with preset mathematical formulae to get you started. Once you've learned the basics, it's a breeze to modify or rewrite a formula and tweak every element (color palette, etc.) to create your own, incredible designs.

Of course, my fractals are usually imported into Photoshop and heavily manipulated; "Fractal Purists" tend to (rabidly!) prefer a design that is 'by the numbers', but I insist on bending and twisting them (the fractal designs, not the Purists!) into something 'beyond the fractal'! However, the images posted, above, are pretty much untouched.

My favorite fractal software is "Fractal Explorer." It's available, free, for download, here.

Yes, I said "Free"!

You'll be turning out practice images within minutes. In a week's time, you'll be customizing up a storm and the designs you create will be uniquely your own.

Go ahead, you know you want to!

Listening to:

"The Collection" by David Essex

"Rock On", "America", "Window", and other greatest hits by David Essex; you either get why that's a wondrous thing, or you don't.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Today, I'm in a magenta kind of mood. (That means something but I'm not sure what.)

I don't have time to knock out a rambling dissertation today, but I did mange to update my responses to your great Monday comments!

Thanks for stopping by!

Listening to:

"Crazy" by Gnarlz Barkley

I've had it on repeat for, like, 5 hours! Either it's the greatest song ever, or my semi-latent OCD tendencies are coming rapidly to the fore!

Love it!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Potential Archer

- (click image for a larger view)

Sold! at

See it in the Abstraction gallery.


Experiments on the Web --
This Artist's Quest for Cyber Collectors!

Recently, in a flurry of unexpected productivity, I've undertaken a handful of Internet Marketing Experiments in an attempt to reach a wider audience, and hopefully, increase sales of my work:

Experiment #1 (my main commercial site) -- After a year at this 'virtual gallery', I decided to make a couple of changes. The main one being that I now offer many images as 'one-of-a-kind' sales. As in, the Buyer receives one reproduction of a digital original and I (of course) keep one, at which time the image is permanently removed from the market. These pieces are billed as "Special Limited Editions." My own home is filled with unique items, and I'm always thrilled to purchase a piece that is rare, handmade, or one-of-a-kind. I can only hope that my Buyers will feel the same.

This experiment worked, or at the very least, is off to a great start! "Potential Archer" was Sold! to my favorite local collector just days after it was listed! I've had some very promising nibbles on some of the other exclusive pieces, too! My Limited and Open Editions continue to sell at about their usual rate. (Sales do slow down over the summer -- why would anyone choose to spend their money on a vacation, instead of my art? Go figure!)

Experiment #2 Flickr (image sharing site) -- With each image in my Flickr gallery, I've attached a link to either "" or this blog. A handful of viewers have left positive comments, but I have yet to track a visitor that clicked from Flickr to my blog or main site. Flickr may be more trouble than it's worth, but I'm not ready to give up on their very nifty 'slideshow' feature. Check it out, here!

Experiment #3 (a 'virtual' storefront site that specializes in arts, crafts, and other handmade/custom items) -- Etsy is my "smaller works" store, where nothing larger than 14" on any one side will be sold. During the next couple of weeks, I'll be adding greeting cards and ACEO cards to my Etsy store. My initial stock of items has received lots of views and great comments, but after two weeks, no sales. It's very early days at Etsy, and the store is not fully stocked. Hopefully, as the available inventory increases, sales will pick up!

Experiment #4 This Blog! (not new, and no longer an experiment) -- Blogging was another experiment that worked! I've made quite a few sales here, but, more valuable than selling art, the blog has become a place to share my new work, ideas, and frequently surreal experiences and observations with my "Cyber Peeps" (translation: Internet pals)! Blogging gives me the wonderful opportunity to peek into the hearts and brains (scary, sometimes!) of a worldwide community that, otherwise, would have been forever out of my reach.

Lucky me!

Now, I'm off to scare up some mischief! Gotta alleviate my 'Monday Blues'!

P. S. FYI, unless marked Sold!, all the art you see on this blog is now available for sale, in one format or another. If something catches your eye (or, your heart), just contact me at!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Coming soon to!


Submitted for your consideration: Achromatic Landscapes -- A day without color.

Why? I've been watching a lot of old "The Twilight Zone" episodes. Go figure.

I'll have a keyboard, tomorrow! Yay!

Thanks for commenting!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Coming soon to!

My keyboard has experienced an untimely meltdown! Pictures, only, until I can replace it!

Stil working on Etsy store using Windows XP's 'desktop keyboard'. Good thing I've got nothing but time . . .

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

~ Outpost

Available, now, at!

And they said it couldn't be done!

At about 3 a.m., I began to wonder if I'd ever finish the housekeeping over at But, here I am, surviving to tell the tale! Go figure!

I cleaned out some old stuff, dubious "art" that wouldn't move if you blasted it with C-4, and posted some new stuff (most of it not-so-new to a lot of you guys, as you tend to peek over my shoulder while I work).

Also, I tweaked my pricing structure and bio/statement/Terms of Service (It's all true! Every word of it! Maybe . . .)

The biggest change, is that many images will be offered as "one-of-a-kind reproductions (two-of-a-kind, actually - I'll always reserve one for my personal collection). One reproduction, one buyer, one shot! We'll see how it goes!

Today's image, "Outpost" is probably my favorite of the newer work, and it took a week to complete -- but, that's a freaky 'tech' story for another day!

In my "spare" time, I've opened a shop at, where I'll offer small works, only; no piece offered in this shop will measure more than 14" on any side.
Much of the work will be exclusively posted there, and won't be available at Yet another terrifying experiment! There'll be lots of new pieces there that haven't been posted here, on the blog.

So far, I've only posted a few pieces, but plan to stock up over the weekend. Here's the link, if you'd like to have a peek:

Art166 Shop at Etsy

Now, I'm going to find some really late breakfast, or nearly late lunch, do an hour or so of blog-surfing (all that new art to sell means I've gotta find some traffic!), after which I plan to turn off the PC for at least 6 hours. I've found that I can't ignore it if I know it's powered up. I'm weak that way!

Hopefully, tomorrow, things will be a little more normal. Where there's life, there's hope!

P. S. I'm really tired and this has not been proofread. If you see glaring errors, do me the favor of pretending you don't!


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Approaching Deadline: time, Time, TIME!!!

I have a "burning" question for my visitors who are outside the U.S.:

What's your general location (no, I'm not a stalker, so don't need your home address . . . maybe), and how much trouble have you encountered receiving mail and other shipments from the U.S.? I'd appreciate any input. Thank you!


Well, as I was clever enough to post a notice at promising to be updated and open for business tomorrow, I am now under the 'deadline' gun, in a BIG way! So, no time to chat!

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you tomorrow!

~ W.J.

Friday, June 02, 2006

~ One Beaker Brother
~ Scarlet Weald
~ Introspection

Coming soon to

Red is my favorite color. Regular visitors to this blog have probably already figured that out. :)

Today, for your viewing pleasure (ahh, positive thinking!), here are three very red images, all created from a single, original source file. A fabulous sort of Digital Recycling System!

These images will be part of my new "Profondo Rosso" gallery, soon to be found at

With any luck, I'll spend the weekend updating the website -- sidelining some old work, posting some new, and, by Monday, will be ready to sell, sell, sell!

Yep, that's even more positive thinking!

A BIG welcome to all the new visitors who've stopped by over the last several days! Also, thanks to all of you for keeping me company during my very wheezy week!