Wednesday, June 07, 2006

~ Outpost

Available, now, at!

And they said it couldn't be done!

At about 3 a.m., I began to wonder if I'd ever finish the housekeeping over at But, here I am, surviving to tell the tale! Go figure!

I cleaned out some old stuff, dubious "art" that wouldn't move if you blasted it with C-4, and posted some new stuff (most of it not-so-new to a lot of you guys, as you tend to peek over my shoulder while I work).

Also, I tweaked my pricing structure and bio/statement/Terms of Service (It's all true! Every word of it! Maybe . . .)

The biggest change, is that many images will be offered as "one-of-a-kind reproductions (two-of-a-kind, actually - I'll always reserve one for my personal collection). One reproduction, one buyer, one shot! We'll see how it goes!

Today's image, "Outpost" is probably my favorite of the newer work, and it took a week to complete -- but, that's a freaky 'tech' story for another day!

In my "spare" time, I've opened a shop at, where I'll offer small works, only; no piece offered in this shop will measure more than 14" on any side.
Much of the work will be exclusively posted there, and won't be available at Yet another terrifying experiment! There'll be lots of new pieces there that haven't been posted here, on the blog.

So far, I've only posted a few pieces, but plan to stock up over the weekend. Here's the link, if you'd like to have a peek:

Art166 Shop at Etsy

Now, I'm going to find some really late breakfast, or nearly late lunch, do an hour or so of blog-surfing (all that new art to sell means I've gotta find some traffic!), after which I plan to turn off the PC for at least 6 hours. I've found that I can't ignore it if I know it's powered up. I'm weak that way!

Hopefully, tomorrow, things will be a little more normal. Where there's life, there's hope!

P. S. I'm really tired and this has not been proofread. If you see glaring errors, do me the favor of pretending you don't!



  1. The new piece has a kind of far awy feeling to it. I like it but I don't know why. But then I was never much good with art.

  2. Wow W.J. you have been busy busy busy! Congrats!!! on your new etsy store. I have heard so many good things about etsy and I'm itching to try one too. I am going straight to your store to check it out now. "Outpost" is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors in that sky wow!

  3. Wow you're etsy store looks great and OMG I LOVE "REM Sleep"!!

  4. Good morning, Dr. John,
    If you know enough to know what you like, then, you're "good with art."

    The "far away" feeling is exactly what kept me working on this piece for a week. Originally, I'd placed a couple of objects in the sky, but I removed them in order to keep that open, distant feeling.

    I'm hoping it looks like the kind of place where the air is perfectly still, and there's no one else for miles and miles . . . I couldn't even listen to music while I was working on it -- trying to maintain that sense of utter stillness.

    Pfft, I'm such a freak, sometimes!

    Doc, I fully intend to catch up with Pigeon Falls, today. Hope all is well, over there!

  5. Lynette! I love REM Sleep, too -- wish I were experiencing some, right now!

    I'm glad you like Outpost; I'm really pleased with the way it came together! I even decided to offer it as a Limited Edition 'cuz I can't bear the thought of only one of them being out in the world! How nutty is that?

    Set up an Etsy store! Hey, at 10 cents-per-listing, there's not much to lose. Thanks for running right over there to check it out -- I can always count on your enthusiasm and support!

    I'll feel better about that store when I've stocked some new pieces; and, I won't panic if nothing sells right away! (Well, I'll try not to panic . . .)

    Thanks, Lynette!

  6. boy, that is a lot of work. etsy store is looking REAL good.

    always enjoy seeing what you come up with next.

  7. I just hearted you on etsy! I'm DoodlesandKaboodles...Dumb store name (I was doing a lot of art for kids), but now that I have feedback, don't want to open a new one. Good luck with Etsy. It just takes time and persistence. Don't load your store up, rather, post something new every day or so to spread it out and to keep visibility.

    I really like's very architectural.

  8. better leave a comment befor blogger goes nuts again...

    Outpost is beautiful...great has a peaceful sense to it.
    it sounds like you have been keeping busy for sure...don't wear yourself out..take care and great job again..

  9. Hey, JB! Yep, I've been a busy little bee, with more to come! There's always a new horizon . . .

  10. Good advice, Cynthia! Thanks for the "Heart"! I love your Etsy name (just wouldn't want to have to write it out too often)!

    My plan is to post about a half-dozen pieces over the weekend (so the shop looks stocked, and there's some variety of choice). After that, I'm thinking one piece every 2 - 3 days.

    What's the worst that can happen?

    Uh-oh, shouldn't have asked that . . .

  11. Hi, Chana! Thanks for the comment on "Outpost"; I'm thrilled when my favorite pieces receive positive feedback!

    Yep, I'm very busy right now; I always go into overdrive when I start to feel better. You know how it is -- you're trying to get everything done, in case you, suddenly, don't feel up to doing too much. And, if I can't get it done, no one else will!

    Take care, and I hope you have a nice weekend!

    (What's up with Blogger, anyway? It's driving me crazy(er)!

  12. That blue, far away stillness is there, W.J. a magical place to dream. Love REM Sleep too. I wish you well and some R&R
    Ah! yes very slow nutty Blogger here, seems others are having the same problem of postng.

  13. oooohhhh I can't wait to go look- now that the &^*%$$ internet is working...
    I love this new one though- fence posts...

  14. Awesome! I'm baffled as to how you can make stuff like this. It's very cool. A week?? How come your brain doesn't melt after a few days?!?

    I imagine this outpost being on a harsh windy sandy planet, with frequent sandstorms. The outpost has been designed so that wind and sand can travel through it easily and not build up around it and cover it. This structure is probably some cool way of harnessing the wind's energy for power. I'll shut up now. *embaressed*

  15. WOW Lov this love that I found you on blog advance.
    I could completely see your work translated into funky functional furniture pieces.

    Cheers & All the best.

  16. Thanks, Sandy! It's not often that I get exactly what I want from a piece; let's see if I can ever do it again!

    Hopefully, Blogger will treat us all a little better next week!

  17. Hey, Karen,

    What a "&^*%$$ internet"? Do I need one of those? (W. J. walks away, humming an innocent tune . . .)

  18. Snoo!! Baffling is my business! Here's the short version of that "week" story, and my brain was okay, but my EYES were definitely fried!

    "Outpost" is a manip of one of my windmill photos (obviously). When I started warping and pushing the image into shape, hundreds of white pixels -- actual individual pixels -- splintered off of some little bit of the photo and embedded themselves into every part of the manipulation! They were stuck in the shadows, the sky, and every nook and cranny of this pic.

    Guess who had to track 'em down and paint or clone them out. Individually. One s-l-o-w pixel at a time. Eeeek!

    I'd work on it a couple of hours, then go do something else for a while, then work on it a copule of hours. . . Before I knew it, I realized I'd been on a 'Pixel Seek & Destroy" mission for a week!

    I've never run into that before, and hope I never will again! In the end, though, I think it was worth it!

    Ooops! So much for the "short" version of this story -

    BTW, NEVER be embarrassed to share your thoughts on the images you see here. I've already told you how much I enjoy reading them, and am thrilled that the work pokes at your brain!

    W. J. St. Christopher -- Brain Poker!

  19. Hi, Rebecca, and welcome to Art166!
    It's always great to hear from a new visitor, and I really appreciate your enthusiastic comment! Funny you should suggest that; furniture is just one of the "down the line" things I have in mind. I've also done some pieces that I'd love to implement as textiles - rugs and upholstery fabric, especially.

    So many "brilliant" ideas! So little money to implement them!

    Feel free to drop in, anytime, Rebecca!

  20. WJS, you have been burning the midnight oil. Love your commercial site, really well put together. Amazing stuff, as always.

  21. Hi WJ!
    Wow! You've been very busy!! Your newest one here, "Outpost" is fantastic!

    I went to your Etsy shop and have to say, I love REM and Da Vinci's Nudge! Wow, they're great!

    Really like all the work you've done on your sites too. Throw some energy my way if you can please. lol

    talk with you soon!