Wednesday, June 28, 2006

~ Steady Burn
(click on image for larger view)

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Last week, I pulled "Steady Burn" right out of my portfolio, had it mounted, matted and framed, and donated it to the San Antonio Chapter of the American Advertising Federation for their "31 Flavors of Art" silent charity auction.

It was for a good cause (a scholarship fund), and I was happy to be a part of that, but . . .

You know that feeling you get when you dress your kid up in his nicest clothes and take him to a great party, but then forget to bring him back home?

That's the feeling I had.

It's fading . . . slowly.

Luckily, "Steady Burn" is an Open Edition and can never 'sell out', and I'll be able to replace my copy, eventually. When I do, it's not going back into the portfolio. I fully intend to mount it, mat it, frame it and hang it on my living room wall! I'm always so anxious for my buyers to enjoy the work, but I don't make the effort to enjoy it more, myself.

Lesson learned!


  1. Steady Burn is a beaut! I know exactly how you feel...everything I create is an extension of myself. Even the not so good work. Putting it out there is like having my children leave home.... I just hope they find good homes! It's great SB is going for a good cause. I definitely have a few pieces that I have kept and have no intention of ever selling and some that I regret having sold.

  2. oh, I know the feeling. that's why I can't even think about selling stuff- often I'm asked to make a book or something for someone- I just can't.

    no spongebob? really?

  3. i love's's also how i feel not because i'm hot but because it's too hot's 30 Celcius out there...yuk!

  4. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Wonderful colors you can feel the heat.
    Sad leaving a part of oneself, but at least you know it will be loved.

  5. Sandy4:13 PM

    I'm not with it at all today WJ, getting ready to go on a short vacation
    and its wering me out hahaha I was anonymous :p

  6. In my never ending quest to find meaning in art this could be the vary fires of hell.(sorry but I am bent in a theological dirtection )

  7. W.J. don't let it get ya down because your work is very unique and amazing and this one is no exception! It's a beautiful ruby red sun, fiery hot image!! Sometimes I thing being an artist is all 'ups and downs' if ya know what I mean. :)

  8. This is one of those ones that makes me go 'cooooooooooool'. No wonder you want to put it on your wall. You know, I always imagined your house, every wall space (red) filled with another WJ creation!! Maybe not then.

  9. I know how you feel. Not surpised you want to hang it on your wall :)

  10. WJ,
    Love the fire. That is great and the donation sounds like a great cause. Thank you for the traffic and I wanted to stop by and say hello. Have a good one!