Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Approaching Deadline: time, Time, TIME!!!

I have a "burning" question for my visitors who are outside the U.S.:

What's your general location (no, I'm not a stalker, so don't need your home address . . . maybe), and how much trouble have you encountered receiving mail and other shipments from the U.S.? I'd appreciate any input. Thank you!


Well, as I was clever enough to post a notice at Art166.com promising to be updated and open for business tomorrow, I am now under the 'deadline' gun, in a BIG way! So, no time to chat!

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you tomorrow!

~ W.J.


  1. Hi WJ, we live in upstate NY and we have a lot of trouble getting UPS but no problems at all with mail. Go figure. In fact a lady at the Post Office is married to a guy who works at UPS and sometimes SHE gives us UPS shipments at the Post Offive.

  2. uhh, taping watch... I am waiting for my update!!

  3. Wow W.J. this is a Gorgeous composition of purple and gold, your works "wow" me! Hope all the updating goes well! :)

  4. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Good luck, W.J. I'll be over;)

  5. Could that picture be of the fires of hell on this 666 day?

  6. UGH! deadlines. enjoyed your pic today.

  7. That would look great on my (yellow) Study wall!

  8. Fantastic. Fire and water? You are so amazing WJ!
    (Your name comes with an attatched exclamation mark now)

    Had one shipment from the US, and it came quicker than I'd imagined, but can't exactly remember what that was, sorry!

    By the way, I have a cow photo on my blog, just for you!

  9. Thanks for the input, 3C! I usually ship everything USPS, Priority, and, knock on wood, haven't had any problems, yet, on the domestic side. Keeping fingers crossed!

  10. Hey, Karen! Thanks for the added pressure, and, I'm done! Yay!!!

  11. Thanks, Lynette! You know I live to share that 'Wow' factor! You couldn't offer me a better compliment! Big hug, for that!

  12. Thanks, Tammi! You'll certainly be welcomed!

  13. Dr. John! No superstition, here. Maybe I should change my company name to Art666!

  14. Hey, Jafa! Guess I can't complain about deadlines if I'm dumb enough to self-impose them! Anyway, it forced me to finish up, so, All Good!

    TC! Yes, it would -- you know where to find it when you're ready to make the leap! (I had a feeling you weren't a "vanilla walls" kind of guy.)

  15. Snoo!!

    "You are so amazing WJ!
    (Your name comes with an attatched exclamation mark now)"

    I should be embarrassed to quote your comment, but I admit, it made my day! And, you know how I love exclamation marks!!!

    Thanks, Snoo!

    I left a melodramatic, rambling comment re: your sweet cow vs. my hellacious cows; however, Blogger ATE it!

    This is me, sighing . . .

  16. Wonderful work again W.J. such vibrant mix of colours , always fascinating.
    Re: post I often buy books on eBay from the US and they are sent USPS Priority with no problem at all. I'm in England, UK.