Monday, June 19, 2006

Potential Archer

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Experiments on the Web --
This Artist's Quest for Cyber Collectors!

Recently, in a flurry of unexpected productivity, I've undertaken a handful of Internet Marketing Experiments in an attempt to reach a wider audience, and hopefully, increase sales of my work:

Experiment #1 (my main commercial site) -- After a year at this 'virtual gallery', I decided to make a couple of changes. The main one being that I now offer many images as 'one-of-a-kind' sales. As in, the Buyer receives one reproduction of a digital original and I (of course) keep one, at which time the image is permanently removed from the market. These pieces are billed as "Special Limited Editions." My own home is filled with unique items, and I'm always thrilled to purchase a piece that is rare, handmade, or one-of-a-kind. I can only hope that my Buyers will feel the same.

This experiment worked, or at the very least, is off to a great start! "Potential Archer" was Sold! to my favorite local collector just days after it was listed! I've had some very promising nibbles on some of the other exclusive pieces, too! My Limited and Open Editions continue to sell at about their usual rate. (Sales do slow down over the summer -- why would anyone choose to spend their money on a vacation, instead of my art? Go figure!)

Experiment #2 Flickr (image sharing site) -- With each image in my Flickr gallery, I've attached a link to either "" or this blog. A handful of viewers have left positive comments, but I have yet to track a visitor that clicked from Flickr to my blog or main site. Flickr may be more trouble than it's worth, but I'm not ready to give up on their very nifty 'slideshow' feature. Check it out, here!

Experiment #3 (a 'virtual' storefront site that specializes in arts, crafts, and other handmade/custom items) -- Etsy is my "smaller works" store, where nothing larger than 14" on any one side will be sold. During the next couple of weeks, I'll be adding greeting cards and ACEO cards to my Etsy store. My initial stock of items has received lots of views and great comments, but after two weeks, no sales. It's very early days at Etsy, and the store is not fully stocked. Hopefully, as the available inventory increases, sales will pick up!

Experiment #4 This Blog! (not new, and no longer an experiment) -- Blogging was another experiment that worked! I've made quite a few sales here, but, more valuable than selling art, the blog has become a place to share my new work, ideas, and frequently surreal experiences and observations with my "Cyber Peeps" (translation: Internet pals)! Blogging gives me the wonderful opportunity to peek into the hearts and brains (scary, sometimes!) of a worldwide community that, otherwise, would have been forever out of my reach.

Lucky me!

Now, I'm off to scare up some mischief! Gotta alleviate my 'Monday Blues'!

P. S. FYI, unless marked Sold!, all the art you see on this blog is now available for sale, in one format or another. If something catches your eye (or, your heart), just contact me at!


  1. elegance, beauty.

  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I fell in love;)

  3. I love this piece and the fact that I am a cyber peep.

  4. Great post about various resources and experiments. Boy you have been busy.
    I too like it that I am a cyber peep lol!

  5. Tammi! You know what they say: Love is a wonderful thing! Thank you!

  6. Hi, Dr. John, I'm glad you like the piece. It was, originally, a photo of an ornate, vintage, glass ceiling fan! I wish I'd been able to purchase it. Of course, then I'd have to wish for a room large enough and with high enough ceilings to hang it in. One wish too many, I think!

    I'm glad you're a "cyber peep" too!

  7. Hey, Jafa! I couldn't decide about this post, then thought some might find the rat-race elements of the process interesting. Of course, some may not . . .

    Actually, I think you have the dubious distinction of being my only "cyber peep" whose expertise is 'in the toilet', so to speak!

  8. Wow W.J. a huge congratulations on your sale!! That is just a gorgeous work and I can see why it sold really quick! I'm happy to be one of your cyber peeps too LOL!

  9. Karen8:58 AM

    cool! how exciting that things are going in the right direction. I got to show off my wonderful prints from you the other day!!

  10. oops, hit enter too fast- anyway- I also love your b&w's below- the infrared look.

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog! I really love the black and white road photos. The mood is great! Do you ever do trades?


  12. I like reading about the process of what other artists are doing to promote their work and passion! You have been busy. Potential Archer is wonderful, no wonder it was snapped up immediately...congratulations!

  13. Ha! ha! expertise in the toilet, good one LOL!

    I agree with cynthia, reading the process an artist goes through is interesting.

  14. How is that so 3D?? You is a clever one WJ.

    It's like caramel. Dribbled over ice cream. Mmmmm.
    *starts drooling*

    Do peeps peep? Am I peeping now? Hum. Deep questions.

  15. Thanks, Lynette! A sale is always a good thing, and this one is going to someone who already has some of my other stuff, so it feels extra special! Peep!

  16. Karen, I love to hear that! I have just enough ego to get all excited when I know that new people have seen my work . . . unless they hated the pieces, in which case it's, "Oh, Karen, I'm so sorry you didn't display my work to it's best advantage." See, when things go wrong, it can NEVER be about me! Maybe I've got more ego than I thought!

    I love the infrared effect too. I can't wait to have time to work more with it. It doesn't look great with every shot, but when you find the right one -- yum!

    I was rewatching "Drumline" last night -- made me think of you and Jr.

  17. Thanks very much, Paula! I'm addicted to "road" photos. I'd love to shoot every clean, empty road in America! Sorry, but I don't do trades at this time. Thanks for asking!

  18. Thanks, Cynthia! You've been busy, too. It's been a long time since I sat a weekend out at a show or fair. The heat, the small-talk, the bathroom runs . . .

  19. Hey, Jafa, I'm betting you've heard enough "toilet" jokes, for a while. I'll try to restrain myself!

  20. Snoo!!

    Sometimes I is clever.
    Sometimes I is determined.
    And, sometimes I is just lucky!

    Ice cream -- yum! I have a recipe for "Ice Cream Bread" that I'm just dying to try. Only two ingredients; that's my kind of cooking!

    "Peep!" Never too deep to peep!