Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Today, I'm in a magenta kind of mood. (That means something but I'm not sure what.)

I don't have time to knock out a rambling dissertation today, but I did mange to update my responses to your great Monday comments!

Thanks for stopping by!

Listening to:

"Crazy" by Gnarlz Barkley

I've had it on repeat for, like, 5 hours! Either it's the greatest song ever, or my semi-latent OCD tendencies are coming rapidly to the fore!

Love it!


  1. wow! the colors are gorgeous....i love the 3rd one specially.

  2. Top and bottom pictures give me the same feeling as the akk seeing Masonic eye. They are just a bit ion the weird side.

  3. Thank you, Chana,
    That 3rd pic is actually a close-up detail of a larger fractal. It's a very early piece, but one of my faves!

  4. Hi, Dr. John,

    I'm definitely weird, but, just as definitely, not a Mason! (You probably already guessed that . . .)

  5. I love the colors.

  6. OMG W.J. your 3 magentas are just 'mind blowing'! Gorgeous and incredible works, all three! Hey W.J. I was remembering something about deserted roads reading your last post. One time (many years ago) we were driving all night through Utah and I was driving on this deserted highway (seemed to go into infinity) when the sun started coming up. You talk about an amazing sight, I'll never forget it. I actually stopped and took a photo of it and I'm going to see if I can find it and share it with ya!

  7. Hi GW.

    That whole Gnarls Barkley album 'St. Elsewhere' is superb - a breath of fresh air!

    Goes well with the stunning photos - especialy that last one!


  8. Thanks, very much, Betty, and, thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hey, Lynette! Well, "blowing minds" is part of my Official Mission Statement!

    I sure hope you find your road/sunrise pic. I'd love to see it! I haven't visited Utah, but I'm betting there are some great and endless roads there. How much coffee did it take to get you through that long night's drive?

  10. TC! Do you know that yours was the first 'non-art-related' blog I ever left a comment on? And here we are, still crazy after all these . . . months!

    Yep, I like the album, but I've really gotten stuck on the one song: " . . . maybe we're crazy. Probably . . ."

  11. I thought I posted on your blog yesterday, turns out I was lurking and never posted. I think when I signed on, I was blown away by the images. They literally vibrate off the screen!

    On Saturday night, I went and saw Seal and Hall and Oates (dating myself here) in concert and one of my favorite songs is Crazy by Seal. "We're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy..." It's what keeps me sane, LOL.

  12. Cynthia! Lurking??? Glad you found your way back to us. You know how it is, sometimes you've just gotta FEEL the color!

    Seal's "Crazy" is one of my faves, too. (I guess I have a thing for "Crazy" songs!) I'm so jealous of you going to that concert! I recently bought a 3-disk Hall & Oates retrospective -- it's so great to revisit all those amazing songs!

    There are some really good retro-concerts coming up here: Chicago, Huey Lewis, Def Leppard, etc. Unfortunately, these Texans think it's a great idea to hold concerts outdoors during the heat of summer. Um, NOT!!!

    Well, I think I feel like hearing a little "Seal" right now!

  13. Anonymous8:40 PM

    These are beautiful. Do you get inspiration for your art through music? There seems to be melodies lurking behind some of these...

  14. Thanks very much, Tammi!

    Music is my first and greatest love, and you'll definitely see that in a lot of my work. But, I'm just as likely to be inspired by something I see or hear, or whatever I'm currently reading. Random, fly-by thoughts relating to nothing other than my subconscious are frequent culprits, too!

    In a few minutes, I'll be posting about the new gallery I'm unveiling on my main site. The entire gallery was inspired by one of my fave movies!

    So, in answer to your question (long-winded, aren't I?), I'm frequently inspired by music, along with anything and everything else!

  15. These are amazing W.J. Love your magenta mood, so hypnotic. First and last my favourites too.

  16. lurking too. Love the colours and the 3rd one most.

  17. Wow, amazing. You've done it again.

  18. Love these! The colors are great and the shapes too.
    thanks for sharing!


  19. Sandy, Jafa, Johnny, & Paula!

    Thanks very much, guys! I really loved doing these, too; the last two are fractal-based!

  20. I don't know a whole lot about digital painting, but what is a fractal? I just know basic Photoshop. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  21. Great set. I love the top one, I love it's texture, like fine gauze material.

    Sorry for not stopping by in so long. *slap my wrist*

  22. Thanks, Snoo, and no slapping here! I can barely find time for it, myself, but can't give it up, either!