Wednesday, December 31, 2008

art166 2009 digital art calendar celestial
~ My 2009 Art Calendar
available in 3 sizes

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(click image to see larger view)

My 2009 Calendar contains 12 of my favorite images. Click the link, above, to preview the images and select available options before purchasing.

Available now, in my Art166 - Zazzle Store.

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~ 2009 Comes a-knockin'

"We will either find a way, or make one."
-- Hannibal, 247–183 or 182 BC

2008 goes out with a whisper, and I bid it a not-so-fond 'adieu'.

In the coming year, I hope to find myself a bit healthier, wealthier, and wiser. I don't, as of this minute, have a concrete plan for accomplishing these lofty goals, but it has to be done. The alternatives are too ridiculously dire for contemplation. And, yes, some days the emphasis is definitely on the 'ridiculous'!

I'm not a kid anymore -- far from it -- and feel fate and circumstance breathing down my neck at every turn. A finite amount of time left to accomplish an infinite number of impossible dreams.

As always, my resources and energy are running very thin, whereas my creativity and imagination are galloping along at a fever pitch. How to utilize one without the other? It's a classic conundrum; a twisted riddle of 'what' versus 'how', with a bit of 'when' tossed in for good measure.

What can I do with the next 12 months?

What will the next 12 months do with me?

It's a question for the ages and I'm feeling a definite 'now or never' vibe these days -- so, I'd better find a way.

Or, make one.

* * * *

~ A late-year event to eclipse my own earthly issues

Tonight, just after sunset, you're invited to this year's final, big, celestial show. (Yep -- universal, free admission!)

This show's stellar cast includes The Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter, in an evening performance sure to please even the most discriminating night sky viewer.

Read the details, here, and hope for clear skies.

In my opinion, there could be no better way to ring out the old and see in the new!

I wish you all a fabulous night.

See you next year! ("God willin' and the creek don't rise," as my grandmother used to say.)


Friday, December 26, 2008

art166 digital abstract sunrise Newgrange solstice blogging Chris Isaak
(click image to see larger view)

Available now, in my Art166 - Zazzle Store.

* * * *

On the night of the Northern Winter Solstice, I stayed up to watch the Sunrise 'live cam' coverage from the megalithic tomb of Newgrange, in County Meath, Ireland.

After a lifetime of reading about this incredible sight, I expected to be dazzled by a vision very like my image, above. Alas, an unfortunate run of drippy, cloudy, Irish weather thwarted my big 'cam' adventure. Cold fog and mist was the order of the day -- no brilliant sunrise for this virtual world traveler.

Typically determined to have my much anticipated Solstice Sunrise, I decided to create my own. As an added bonus, here's a sunrise I can experience whenever I please.

Take that, Mother Nature!

* * *

Final words on the 2008 Northern Winter Solstice -

Thnks to my pal, Lynette, for posting the Newgrange cam link on her blog.

I love the addition of the Astronomy Pic of the Day, Lynette -- one of my very favorite sites, natch!

* * * *

Final words on my 28-Day Blogathon, which ended recently -

It seems I learned at least two things from my self-induced, blogging marathon:

Thing 1 - Blog for yourself. Readers and commenters come and go (mostly go). Blogging for one should be as relevant as blogging for 100.

Thing 2 - Finish what you start!

* * * *

And finally, final words on Christmas, 2008 -

I hope you all enjoyed a fulfilling Christmas, or other holiday celebration of your choice.

My own Christmas was very satisfying, providing a comfortable, if unexpected, sense of rightness.

I liked it.

Cheers, all!

* * * *

P.S. Once again, the lovely and golden-voiced Chris Isaak is keeping me company as I work. If I were to proclaim that I'm marrying Chris Isaak, would that make me:

Really, really happy, or

Really, really delusional?

Whatever . . . back off, ladies (and anybody else who's lookin')!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

(click image for larger view)

* * * *

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.
That will be the beginning."
~ Louis L'Amour

* * * *

Post 28

I set a goal, which I promptly screwed up -- then finished, anyway. Looks like my work here is done -- at least for today. Thanks to the viewers and readers who paced me along this crazy path.

Later today, I'm going to hang some new pieces at Timo's Coffeehouse, so I'll be up early, matting and framing. The day after that, I'm turning off the PC and taking a legitimate day off. Soon after that, I'll be back to tell you what I learned from this strange, strange trip.

If you don't know or remember what brought on this insane blog-a-thon, check out these posts:

That's it for tonight, guys. Peace out.

art166 digital fractal contemporary abstract blue cosmos sagan stars space
(click image for larger view)

~ The Seeker
Coming Soon, to my Art166 - Zazzle Store.

* * * *

“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”
~ Dr. Carl Sagan

"Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe, and sometimes I think we're not. In either case, the idea is quite staggering."
~ Unknown

* * * *

One. Post. To. Zero.

Post 27

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

art166 digital contemporary abstract mandala nasa shuttle iss

art166 digital contemporary abstract mandala nasa shuttle iss
(click images for larger view)

~ Kisses to NASA

A series of manipulated screen shots of the Space Shuttle Endeavour/ISS mission -- March 2008.

* * * *
2 posts to zero. Next time I publicly commit to 28 posts in 28 days, -- or any similar insanity -- someone, please give me 28 kicks!

Post 26

. . . upon the stair
(click image for larger view)

The Man Who Isn't Here

The other night upon the stair
I met a man who pulled my hair
I kicked out hard and watched him sway
And now that man
will stay away

I always thought the original poem was too scary for words -- so, I turned the tables.

Post 25


It's been brought to my attention that not everyone is familiar with the original poem. There are several variations floating around, but here's the one I've always heard:

The Man Who Wasn't There

The other day upon the stair
I met a man who wasn't there
He wasn't there again, today
I wish that man would go away!

art166, digital, contemporary, mimosa, dawn
(click image to enlarge)

~ Mimosa Dawn
Available now, in my Art166 - Zazzle Store.

* * * *

Had my friends, Jeanette and Tracy, been awake one very early Saturday morning, they might have spotted me (and my baby Canon) under their Mimosa tree.

Thanks for not letting the attack dog out, ladies!

Post 24

art166 digital tractor abandoned photograph photo-manipulation
(click image for larger view)

~ Resting Place
Coming Soon, to my Art166 - Zazzle Store.

* * * *

Abandoned tractor-thingie (yes, that is the technical term) in a small, Texas town.

Post 23

art166 digital contemporary fractal magic wand

~ Touch of the Wand
(click image for larger view)

* * * *

From this point, it's less talk -- more action. Six posts in the next 26ish hours!

Post 22

Monday, December 08, 2008

art166 digital contemporary photography photo-manipulation grain elevators
(click image for larger view)

~ Sentinels at Sunset
Coming Soon, to my Art166 - Zazzle Store.

* * * *

Regular visitors to 'the Wow' will probably recognize these grain elevators from several earlier incarnations.

No excuses for dipping back into this particular well -- I'm just fascinated by these giants, and can't resist an occasional, fresh photo-manipulation.

So, sue me.

Okay, not really.

Post 21


Sunflower Series - Colorful Digital Art

art166 digital sunflower cards

art166 digital sunflower cards

art166 digital sunflower cards

Bring me the sunflower crazed with the love of light!
~ Eugenio Montale

* * * *
A handful of sunflowers from my new, soon-to-be series of sunflower greeting cards. I'm not sure if these will end up online or be exclusively real-world.

Either way, I really like 'em!

Post 20.
art166 digital alien sci-fi Scarface Pacino
~ Say hello to my little, yellow friend!
(click image for larger view)

* * * *

~ Tony Montana and an alien go into a bar . . .

Of course, if you haven't seen Al Pacino in 'Scarface', you don't get this -- at all.

Post 19

art166 digital contemporary landscape red alien stars comet Mars photo-manipulation

~ The Great Escape
(click image for larger view)

* * * *

~ No, not that red planet.

Sometimes, I just need to get away.

Far, far away.

Today, however, I'll settle for a trip to the grocery store. All I want is eggnog and chocolate cake. Inevitably, though, it will be ground beef and frozen broccoli.

C'est la vie.

Post 18


Sunday, December 07, 2008

art166 digital contemporary abstract ford f-150 ninja
~ Ford's First Ninja
(click image for larger view)

* * * *

One more from "The F-150 Series".
Read more about it,

Post 17

art166 abstract digital square print poster red
(click image for larger view)

~ Bobby's Big Ride - poster or Fine Art print
Available now, in my Art166 - Zazzle Store.

This rolling, abstract piece is another in my ongoing, disjointed "Bobby" series.

* * * *

A vivid, square piece for my Bobby, who lived big and died young. Ours is a story which takes exactly two hours to tell; and, on this chilly, early morning, I'm too tired to even think about telling it.

It seems that blogging in the dead of night makes me morose -- just one of many, many reasons I'd kill for a good night's sleep.

Or, some chocolate.

Post 16


Thursday, December 04, 2008

(click image for larger view)

~ Midnight Whispers - poster or Fine Art print
Available now, in my Art166 - Zazzle Store.

* * * *

Tip of the day:

Never open an email with this subject line -- "one wife iss not enough".

No, I didn't open it. Personally, even one wife would be one wife too many.

Bonus tip of the day:

Never take relationship advice from someone who can't spell "is".

I should not have to tell you this.

* * * *

I hopped off the 'blog train' for a few days while I prepared for a show & holiday sale, which was held last night. (A big thanks to the Shavano Park Business Association, and to Neesie.)

So, looks like I've blown my whole "one post per day for 28 days" plan -- again. However comma I'm still shooting for 28 posts in 28 days -- I'll just have to do a little creative posting to make it happen. Easy peasy! (I'll now be marking per post instead of per day.)

As always . . . Watch T
his Space!

Post 15

P.S. Before I go, I must say -- "Mama Mia!" . . . the worst musical film ever! (That is, if you don't count "
From Justin to Kelly".

I don't.)