Friday, December 26, 2008

art166 digital abstract sunrise Newgrange solstice blogging Chris Isaak
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On the night of the Northern Winter Solstice, I stayed up to watch the Sunrise 'live cam' coverage from the megalithic tomb of Newgrange, in County Meath, Ireland.

After a lifetime of reading about this incredible sight, I expected to be dazzled by a vision very like my image, above. Alas, an unfortunate run of drippy, cloudy, Irish weather thwarted my big 'cam' adventure. Cold fog and mist was the order of the day -- no brilliant sunrise for this virtual world traveler.

Typically determined to have my much anticipated Solstice Sunrise, I decided to create my own. As an added bonus, here's a sunrise I can experience whenever I please.

Take that, Mother Nature!

* * *

Final words on the 2008 Northern Winter Solstice -

Thnks to my pal, Lynette, for posting the Newgrange cam link on her blog.

I love the addition of the Astronomy Pic of the Day, Lynette -- one of my very favorite sites, natch!

* * * *

Final words on my 28-Day Blogathon, which ended recently -

It seems I learned at least two things from my self-induced, blogging marathon:

Thing 1 - Blog for yourself. Readers and commenters come and go (mostly go). Blogging for one should be as relevant as blogging for 100.

Thing 2 - Finish what you start!

* * * *

And finally, final words on Christmas, 2008 -

I hope you all enjoyed a fulfilling Christmas, or other holiday celebration of your choice.

My own Christmas was very satisfying, providing a comfortable, if unexpected, sense of rightness.

I liked it.

Cheers, all!

* * * *

P.S. Once again, the lovely and golden-voiced Chris Isaak is keeping me company as I work. If I were to proclaim that I'm marrying Chris Isaak, would that make me:

Really, really happy, or

Really, really delusional?

Whatever . . . back off, ladies (and anybody else who's lookin')!


  1. Hope you had a terrific Christmas, W.J.! Bummer about the uncooperative Irish weather.

    And, definitely blog for yourself above all others - wise words.

  2. Glad your back posting.

  3. irish weather, hum!!!! ah home!!!!!!
    Yes,I like your sunrise, stunning!
    I agree about blogging for self.
    All the best for the new Year :)

  4. I'll send some California sunshine your way!

    Thanks for checking out my blog; you definitely have to see those movies! :)

  5. W.J. glad you have celtic leanings, shame about the Chris Isaacs Thang, but you can't have everything ;)

    Hope you've had a good Christmas and that all your ventures in 2009 are VERY successful.

    Take care.

  6. Wendy Omigosh, thank you for the mention and good grief, I just saw your post! I've been so darn lazy lately. I love your current moon gadget in your blog. I thought tonight was a full moon but found out it's 98% full. Your 'Winter Solstice Sunrise' is really gorgeous. I know the solstice was sad rainy affair this year so I watched the cam from last's years, soo awesome!