Tuesday, December 09, 2008

. . . upon the stair
(click image for larger view)

The Man Who Isn't Here

The other night upon the stair
I met a man who pulled my hair
I kicked out hard and watched him sway
And now that man
will stay away

I always thought the original poem was too scary for words -- so, I turned the tables.

Post 25


It's been brought to my attention that not everyone is familiar with the original poem. There are several variations floating around, but here's the one I've always heard:

The Man Who Wasn't There

The other day upon the stair
I met a man who wasn't there
He wasn't there again, today
I wish that man would go away!



  1. Anonymous7:18 PM

    love the new spin!

  2. Thanks, Anonymous.

    That's me -- spinning as fast as I can!

  3. Oh!
    I can visualize a grand lady swooping up or down that staircase. Full skirts billowing,,back straight.
    In charge!
    Great image,,,and poem!

  4. Also love the Great Escape below. Fabulous!

  5. Thanks, Babs!

    That staircase is located in Sunset Station, which was, for many years, a grand, old, train depot, and is now an entertainment center.

    Even after all the renovations, the depot resonates with the energy of all those traveling souls.

    As for "The Great Escape" -- when a red living room is not enough, I dream of red planets...

  6. you post way more often than i do which is commendable...and every time i come back to your blog to reply to your comment i try and find my favorite photo to comment on. however this time, i just kept scrolling down trying to pick one. i love your latest!!

    i love photos of staircases especially so this is the post i chose!

    i could not figure out how to fix that treasury thing. plus i am too lazy to delete that post. it was not just you. it was me.

    i made no sales but i have since made up for it. fingers crossed that it keeps up!

    and i too have that song constantly stuck in my head. prudence gets that song sung to her daily plus that smelly cat song from friends. she is such a lucky kitten to always be serenaded :)

  7. Shivers...this is surreal, spooky, eerie almost like a vision from the Twilight Zone, I love it!!!