Thursday, December 04, 2008

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~ Midnight Whispers - poster or Fine Art print
Available now, in my Art166 - Zazzle Store.

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Tip of the day:

Never open an email with this subject line -- "one wife iss not enough".

No, I didn't open it. Personally, even one wife would be one wife too many.

Bonus tip of the day:

Never take relationship advice from someone who can't spell "is".

I should not have to tell you this.

* * * *

I hopped off the 'blog train' for a few days while I prepared for a show & holiday sale, which was held last night. (A big thanks to the Shavano Park Business Association, and to Neesie.)

So, looks like I've blown my whole "one post per day for 28 days" plan -- again. However comma I'm still shooting for 28 posts in 28 days -- I'll just have to do a little creative posting to make it happen. Easy peasy! (I'll now be marking per post instead of per day.)

As always . . . Watch T
his Space!

Post 15

P.S. Before I go, I must say -- "Mama Mia!" . . . the worst musical film ever! (That is, if you don't count "
From Justin to Kelly".

I don't.)



  1. Midnight Whispers is waaaay cool!
    Sometimes I think having a wife would be nice,,,,,free me up from that title (and those duties) for a while.

  2. Thanks, Babs. Hm, I managed to avoid those things by, well, not having a husband! (Though I'm not steadfastly against the idea. Just unlucky in love, I guess.)

  3. Hi Wendy, 'Midnight Whispers' is so so so beautiful!! Aw, I there are so many scammers, crooks, etc. out there on the internet. My blog got hit by a pack of them recently. Ha, I've had a husband so many years and I sure don't wanna wife LOL.

  4. My husband cooks and vacuums. Does that mean I have a wife???
    Nice blog! I can't believe you're going to manage a post per day. I have trouble squeezing one per week. Good luck. Really cool images here, makes my brain dance circles.