Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Day 14


  1. Don't know how you did this,,,,but I love the effects.
    A bit vague,,,ghostly,,,and still impressive.
    Have a super Thanksgiving day!

  2. Very moody - inspirational. I love the stuff you are showing us.

    I do hope your Thanksgiving was all you could wish for.

  3. It looks like one of my bad slides. Sorry.

  4. Thanks babs and Nancy. I used a new-ish technique for this and am pleased with the result -- though I think a large print (maybe 20x24) will have an even greater impact.

    And, Dr. John, no need to be sorry -- you obviously have some very good 'bad' slides!

  5. i am so slow at getting back to you!!

    thanks for your comment on my post about having the plague haha. it turned out to be a sinus infection.

    i worked really hard on my shop and didn't have one black friday sale! did you?? if so, i am jealous :)