Thursday, November 13, 2008

~ Ah, Mr. Moon 1, ACEO
~ Ah, Mr. Moon 5, ACEO
~ Ah, Mr. Moon 4, ACEO

Collectible ACEOs
3.5"x2.5" $5 USD ea.

Available now at my Art166 store at Collectible ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals), produced with long-lasting, fade resistant inks on acid-free, professional-grade paper.

Click here to purchase, or for more info. Contact me if you'd like to purchase outside of the U.S. or Canada:
wjsc [!at]

* * * *

What I've learned since my last blog post:

If your personal resources are low enough, it really can take 5 months to repair your computer. Ouch!

Art is seriously not a poor man's (woman's) sport. What the hell am I thinking?

I really, really want to compete on Dancing With The Stars! Now, if only I were a dancer -- or, a star...

* * *

What I've done since my last blog post:

Actually patched up the ongoing-domino-effect-disaster that is my computer. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein: "It's alive! Alive!"

Contemplated life, health, regrets, and dreams.
Never mind -- not ready to go there. Nothing good can come of it.

Listened to music. Lots of music. Mostly: Chris Isaak, Rick Springfield, The Click Five and, oddly enough, The Zombies. Oh, and the soundtracks to the "28" movies (more on this, below).

Checked out the new TV season. I might refuse to speak to you if you're not watching:

The Mentalist (CBS) -- Psychic? Prestidigitator? Crack investigator? I do know that that Simon Baker is the cutest man on TV. By that, I mean 'every-mother's-son, ruffle his hair, just adorable' cute. Just gotta love a man with a tortured past who is blatantly cuddly, charming, funny, and always the smartest person in the room.
The weekly mysteries are decently twisty; the humor is suitably sly. Sublime!

Life on Mars (ABC) -- Struck unconscious in 2008, a police detective wakes up in 1973. Ah, the '70s, when real men wore wide collars and polyester shirts, and music came on giant vinyl discs. Those were the days!
The sci-fi/supernatural elements of this show make it irresistible. Impressive cast, too!

Crusoe (NBC) -- An unexpected adventure/period piece/buddy show. Think 'Starsky and Hutch on a deserted island' (only, with a less-grumpy Hutch). Simply enjoyable stuff with two very likable, and very different, guys leaning on each other for survival and friendship -- like buddy shows used to be.

The Eleventh Hour (CBS) -- Science-based mystery series. Lousy first episode, but has been very good, since. Ignore any bad reviews that were based on the first ep. The show has definitely moved up and on.
Mostly, I blank my mind and gaze, longingly, at the lovely, talented, and very mysterious Rufus Sewell. Later, of course, it's necessary to rewatch the episode to see what it was actually about. I offer no logical excuses for such hormone-driven behavior.

Watched lots of movies. Most notably (and frequently):
28 Days Later -- Biological apocalypse ravages the UK.
28 Weeks Later -- Sequel unfolds as biological apocalypse reinfects the UK.

Both movies are a hundred percent better than my tongue-in-cheek synopses, and are two of my favorites. (Definitely NOT for the faint of heart!) Perhaps the best soundtracks since the original 'Star Wars'. Hold on a sec, I'm gonna load them up, right now!
. . .
. . .
. . . Ahhh, that's better.

* * * *

What I'm doing now:

Renovating all my online sites (see 'W. J.' links, right) with new banners, colors, revised profiles, etc. Also, I'm boosting my inventory to prepare for the Christmas rush. (C'mon Christmas rush!)

In honor of the "28" movies (above), I'll be posting eye candy (aka 'W. J. artwork or product') every day for the next 28 days. Some posts will be pics only, and some will be pics + general yada yada.

Know my spotty blogging history and don't think I can do this? Well, I don't blame you, but allow me to prove you wrong. Check back, often, to see what's new!

And, so, it begins . . .

Day 1


  1. Welcome back and thanks for stopping by.

    I dont know what I would do if all my techie stuff went down.

  2. shoot you might not speak to me coz I have never heard of the shows you speak of (that is how little I watch telly-except lots of movies).

    wow, it is so nice to see you online and read your wonderful humor and see what you are up too. Yea! it's alive! alive! what a bloody pain in the arse to have to deal with though.

    Loved 28 days, very good movies.

  3. Your web is great!! I learned something about WOW here!!!!

  4. Thanks, Janet. If anything, my problems proved what I've been telling friends and family, for years.

    I'm not addicted to the computer!

    I survived, perfectly fine, without it -- though it threw my work schedule into the toilet.

  5. Hey, J.B.!

    Okay, I'll speak to you anyway. I'm sure you've got a perfectly good reason to disregard such great entertainment. Though I can't, for the life of me, imagine what it could be!

    Good for you on the "28 Days" films. I should have known you'd seen them!

  6. Hello, WOW. I just can't imagine . . .

  7. We missed you W.J. and I'm so glad your puter is fixed now. I love your Mr. Moon ACEOs (hehe and I thought the moon was a lady). Your blog has an awesome new look and I'm giving a big thumbs up!

  8. Lynette,

    The moon is definitely a guy. What else could be so uncommunicative, independent, and show you a different face nearly every day of the week -- while at the same time being mysterious, beautiful and irresistible?

    The moon is, really, like every guy I've ever had a huge crush on! Which is both the good news and the bad...

    Thrilled you like the new look -- you're the first to comment on it. Good thing I'm not the 'sensitive, needs-constant-approval' type. ;)

  9. I like those moons!

  10. Hi there! Definately a huge WOW! So sorry I stayed away so long (long story) and missed all this great work, really love the new look, amazing colours and the photography additions. Good to see you again!

    Aw... Mr. Man in the Moon is so lovely especially no. 5.