Wednesday, November 19, 2008

~ The Rest Stop

~ 7 Sisters - The Long Goodnight

~ What I Remember About That Day

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A trio of memories, in black and white:

I don't often work in black and white. Sometimes, however, it's the only color that will do.

Day 7

Note: "What I Remember About That Day", above, was originally posted on November 15, 2008. I accidentally deleted it, but couldn't resist reposting, today.


  1. gorgeous, the photography is really wonderful! Great blog!

  2. I liked all three pictures but I liked the last one the best. It sort of pulls you in.

  3. These are all 3 spectacular, but my persoanl fave is "Seven sisters".

  4. Lovely, W.J.! I have a fondness for B&W photography. Good to see you again...

  5. Anonymous5:06 PM

    "What I Remember About That Day" is GREAT. Very soft and.. its just the perfect country road. It reminds me of home, where we have forests, as opposed to California where we have... nothingness.

  6. I like these very much.