Tuesday, November 18, 2008

~ This Christmas Eve - custom U.S. postage

~ This Christmas Eve - greeting card

Bulk discount for 10 cards or more.

White envelopes included.
Feel free to request International shipping!

Available now at my Art166 ~ Zazzle Store.
Choose custom options when ordering.

* * * *

It's beginning to look like a snowy, Digital Christmas!

Are you looking for the custom-designed stamp for your Christmas mail?

Or, a very special W. J. St. Christopher-designed card which,
for no extra charge, can be customized with additional image or text of your choice -- a personal or corporate greeting or logo, perhaps?

Well, look no further! Here's a Christmas image to make your holidays even more special. The stamps will be a wonderful, collectible extra for the special people on your Christmas card list; or, send an eye-catching, Christmas set with the suitable-for-framing card!

C'mon, you know you want these!

(Available exclusively online)

Day 6


  1. Nice design! And a great idea. I reacently saw those customizable postage stamps somewhere and thought, "now that's an idea"!

    Let me know if you are available for a guest feature on my Buzz blog, I'd love to have you.

    And, yes-I am painfully introverted but the "IN"ternet keeps me at a safe and comfortable enough distance to maintain optimum sparkle! :)

  2. I'd (probably) like to do a guest feature -- convo me @ etsy and give me the scoop! (etsy i.d. art166)

    I've sold more custom postage through Zazzle than any of my other work there -- so I guess lots of peeps think it's an interesting idea. (Lucky me!)

    Any introversion I've experienced is just a distant glimmer of memory buried somewhere in the psyche of my 'lost', inner child. I'm, admittedly, the world's most extroverted hermit.

    Good thing we've got the internet to give you 'shy guys' safe passage in this crazy world -- your "sparkle" would be a loss, indeed!

  3. Custom postage stamps, very cool idea. I love your modern take on the Christmas tree!