Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Leaky kitchen = sinking ship
True Tales of an Insomniac Artist
Wendy J. St. Christopher, Art166.com

Last evening, during an unseasonal downpour, my kitchen ceiling sprang a serious leak. 

I spent the night bailing out, napping in random, 20-minute increments (just in case the rain started again), and remembering, with inappropriate nostalgia, our usual, summer drought conditions. 

The $3.21 in my account won't cut it.  Anyone know a San Antonio roofer who'll 'work for art?'  Hope springs eternal!  :-)

In slightly-exaggerated fact, my kitchen resembled my own abstract, 'Sudden Storm' -- only indoors, which is so, very uncool . . .
exciting abstract thunderstorm in blues and greens depicting heavy rain and lightning
('Sudden Storm' - print prices start at $37 US - click for larger view or purchase)

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St. Christopher signing off @ 4:58 a.m. CST.


  1. Ha ha, everything is grist for the creative mill! Lovely artwork. I hope you found an art-loving roofer.

  2. No art-loving roofer, Peggy. However, a friend of a friend was generous enough to donate his afternoon, his tools, his expertise, and the required elbow grease.

    Also helpful were the store employees who ran around finding remnants, opened packages, and slightly-damaged bits and pieces required for the repair, resulting in an unexpectedly HUGE discount!

    Truly, there are some amazing people out there! :-)