Tuesday, April 09, 2013

From Rusty Photos to Fresh Art - My New Collection Revealed!

The Oxidation Collection -
(Print prices start at $32 US)

While on a shooting expedition with a friend, I braved a midsummer, creepy-crawly-laden Texas field to photograph an abandoned, rusty, Hesston 600 tractor.  

The resulting pictures were solid, if unamazing.  In fact, the most exciting thing about that shoot was the Texas-sized grasshopper I fished out of my blouse during the walk back to the truck. Ewwww!

Fast-forward a few years, when I was hit with sudden, blazing inspiration -- dig out those rusty tractor shots (the tractor was rusty -- not the photos) and transform them into a 12-image collection.  Wonderfully recycled visual art!

Piece of cake, right?

One of the many joys of photo-manipulation is that every capture is brimming with possibilities; I never, ever delete anything I've photographed.  Even the most mundane capture can become a gorgeous background or texture.

In this case, I had an intriguing source as a kickstarter.  I also had about a zillion ideas -- all that earthy color and intriguing texture! 

These two images had already settled comfortably into my online galleries, but were starved for rusted company --

So, I spent a week or two thinking . . . thinking . . . thinking . . . Hmmm, an obviously-themed collection of visually diverse images . . .

In typical fashion, the Lord and Lady arrived first.  Early birds tend to do that --

Then, late one night, the dramatic Torso, 
and meditative Zoned,

nudged me from a half-hearted attempt at sleep.

Several others followed in quick succession.

Finally, the regally oxidized King demanded an immediate transfer from my mind to the comparative safety of the computer --

In the end, one dozen completed works were ready to brave the light of day -- all as different as they are similar.  Twelve images, ten of which didn't exist just a few months ago, even as a glimmer of thought.

So, when inspiration knocks, go where it leads -- even if that's into a grassy, Texas field crawling with insects and (gulp!) lizards.

I can't wait to see what comes knocking next!  :-)

* CLICK HERE to see the entire, eclectic collection.  You can own all, or any part, of The Oxidation Collection . . . if you're so inspired.

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  1. I followed your link from FAA.

    Wow! I love your rust project. Ain't photo-manipulation grand?


  2. Grand indeed, Deb; it's changed how I see everything I photograph! Planning and working on the Oxidation collection was an absolute blast! Thanks for visiting the blog -- new post in a few days! :-)

  3. Hi Wendy,
    I also snuck across from FAA in the discussion forum.
    Interesting that you came back to 'useless' shots and re-used them with great results. I also don't dump any pictures, having dumped hundreds of B/W negs many years ago, not realising the historical value they would have in the future Doh!
    I also often use the same picture more than once, cropped differently to produce alternative and quite emotionally seperate images.
    I have only just arrived at FAA after hardly ever printing ant of my shots since the advent of digital, so I am now going back through my 30,000 + collection on the hard drive and taking a critical look at them.
    I will look through your blog as I get time, and hopefully you will update.