Sunday, December 11, 2005

Witcher's Lamp

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The Backstory -

One hot, summer day, I made a decision -- based on equal parts pain and desperation -- to see an oral surgeon. On the recommendation of my favorite dentist, Dr. Juan Molina, I found myself in the office of one Dr. Seth Witcher.

While reclined in the very comfy examination chair, awaiting the arrival of the hero of this day's mini-drama, and chanting to myself that I was happy to be there, I noticed the bright, shiny exam lamp hovering above me.

Well, I thought. That's interesting . . .

In less time than it takes to tell the story, I was out of that chair, had my camera in hand, and was making myself right at home with that exam lamp; swiveling the crane arm around to get just the right angles, closing the window blinds because the sunshine was messing with my light
and completely forgetting that a man with a scalpel was on his way into the room.

When Dr. Witcher came in, he was very friendly and understanding and didn't even mention having me committed for a psych eval. Bless him. As an added bonus, the eventual slice & dice didn't even hurt!

The first of the four images, above, is one of the original lamp shots. The other three images are manipulations of that first shot.

Thanks, Doc!

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