Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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This futuristic hybrid will be available soon at
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The backstory -

My friend Lynette Clay, Artiste Extraordinaire, has tagged me to reveal eight facts about myself. Since I do business here, I decided long ago not to join in all the reindeer games floating about. There's always the possibility that if people know how peculiar I am, they'll choose to do business elsewhere!

On the other hand, isn't it supposed to be "cool" for artists to be a little . . . eccentric? In which case, I should be raking in the big bucks!

But, I digress . . .

I decided to respond to Lynette's challenge by revealing two things about myself, which are a direct tie-in to today's posted image:

1. I, absolutely, believe in extra-terrestrial life; (E. T. phone home.)

2. I love robots! (Danger, Will Robinson!)

Which leads me to wonder, if an extra-terrestrial and a robot had a baby . . .


There's a series of a dozen or so of these square, 8"x8", hi-tech personalities currently in production. They'll be available as Open Edition printings at a cost of $17US + shipping. If you can't wait, and need to own this one now, feel free to email me at:


* * *

I'm off to have a peek at NASA TV. I'm riveted by their mysterious "space junk" situation. Let's all send some positive vibes their way.

Have an amazing day!


  1. when i first saw the pic i thought it reminded me of alliens reading a bit about you, i say i wasn't too far off...nice colors btw..

    hmm, alliens and robots you say, i look forward to getting to know you more....

    nice pic or did i already say that?

  2. OMG W.J. you'll make my head swell up calling me fancy things like that but I love it and thank you LOL!! I think you are the one who is the artiste extrodinaire and this little work is gorgeous and magical! It reminds me of one of those tiny exquisite perfume bottles with stardust perfume...and speaking of stardust, I LOVE SCI-FI and when I was a kid I never missed an episode of "Lost in Space"!! :D I love your 2 factoids and hey artists are supposed to be a little eccentric, it makes us more interesting!

  3. Copulating aliens and robots???? Hmmmm....

    Now that is eccentric!

    I used to love Star Trek and other sci-fi shows...the original and the one with Patrick Stewart as captain.

    This one feels like it's a launching pad for some kind of space craft and the view of space just outside the door!

  4. Woo Cyn, now that puts a picture in my mind, hehe! I wonder what kinds of noises they would make in this act LOLOL! :D
    Yea W.J. I heard on the news today that the space shuttle made a perfect landing!

  5. Thank you, Chana, and happy birthday, again!

  6. Hey, Lynette! I don't know anything about Stardust perfume, but when you mentioned "tiny bottles" my mind went into overdrive! Gosh, I can see them now! How on earth am I gonna make that happen??? I love all things (well, MOST things) Sci-Fi, too!

  7. Cynthia, you are b-a-a-a-d!

    Patrick Stewart? Yum!

  8. Okay, Lynette, you're not gonna be allowed to sit next to Cynthia anymore! You two are disrupting (corrupting!) the class!

    Yep, the shuttle had a beautiful, pre-dawn touchdown! And guess who was standing outside in the dark at 6:30 this morning, watching the International Space Station sparkle across the sky?

    You guessed it -- ME! It made me cry like a big ol' girl . . .

  9. HEY! NO FAIR!

    Did I miss something? You only revealed two things.

  10. You know that picture does sort of look like a robot bug.

  11. Welcome, Wat!

    Sometimes, two is all you need! We don't wanna flirt with overkill, do we?

  12. Hey, Dr. John! Does this robot bug you?

  13. Yep the last one looks like the rear end of a rather fancy b.bee :) The first one is full of interesting stuff, the more I look the more I see, fascinating W.J. :-)
    Robots and aliens? Hmmmmm scary!

  14. Sandy, I aim to fascinate! And, hey, robots and aliens need love, too!