Friday, January 18, 2008

Items available in my new Zazzle store!.

* * *

Back In The Saddle . . . Again

Ah, blogging, how I've neglected you. However, I'm back on the job and 2008 finds my head brimming with new, art marketing stuff!

Today's New Stuff!

My digital art images are now available on a variety of really cool items
(biased? me?) -- magnets, U. S. postage, mouse pads, tote bags, ceramic mugs and more! Of course, archival-quality prints created on gorgeous 'fine art' or pro-grade poster papers, are still available in a variety of sizes and prices.

You can shop my new Zazzle store by:

* Browsing the animated panel, above, and double clicking any featured item. (Many other items are available in the actual store.)

* Going directly to:*
(Yep, the * is part of the address, and designates me as a Zazzle affiliate.)

* Clicking the "W. J.'s Zazzle Store" link located on the right side of this page.

I've always wanted to offer my work on a line of collectible and/or functional products and Zazzle is a convenient way to do just that.

Only interested in, say, mugs? Links on the right side of the Zazzle pages allow you to conveniently sort and browse items. Click on any item picture to see available colors, sizes, etc.

Have a favorite Art166 digital image and would like to see it on a specific item? Let me know!

Check back often, as I'm still stocking the virtual shelves and new items will be added several times a week.

And you guys thought I was just goofing off -- for months...

* * *

On a personal note --

Dear WGA and assorted Hollywood suits,

Someone please, please, please step up and put an end to the strike. I can't afford cable TV and can only stomach so much 'reality' viewing and mediocre game shows. Really, I could barely tolerate "American Gladiators" back in that other decade.

C'mon! (whining)

W. J. St. Christopher, D. A. (No, that doesn't stand for District Attorney!)


  1. There you are! You leave us hanging for month's...... now don't do that again, I've missed seeing your work. Welcome back.

  2. Ha W.J. I knew you were a very busy lady and not goofing off, but yep we miss your gorgeous art in the posts in your blog though! Your Zazzle slide show link looks awesome and I'm going to check it out. That writers strike seems to go on forever, good grief!

  3. Hi, I found you via Lynette, who sent me a link to your blog.
    She sent me one of your greeting cards, and I just wanted to say how truly gorgeous it is!
    Will check out your Zazzle!


  4. What sorts of art marketing stuff have you been learning? I've posted a few things over at my blog at if you have time. I actually didn't come here to push that. I was just wandering through the online art world, came across your site, and saw you talked about art marketing. I especially like digital art, so I'll be back!

  5. Welcome back - I was worried about you!

    I wish the strike would end too - I'm starting to jones.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is awesome. What talent! I'll be back for more and more :)

    Brain Foggles

  7. Helloo Babs! That was one of W.J.'s cards that I ordered from Redbubble. I love 'Antiquity's Gold', it's soo darn gorgeous!