Wednesday, January 07, 2009

art166 digital abstract contemporary

art166 digital abstract contemporary
art166 digital abstract contemporary
art166 digital abstract contemporary

art166 digital abstract contemporary
5 steps - beginning to end

~ "Incognito" Fine Art Print or Poster
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Every really new idea looks crazy at first.
~ Alfred North Whitehead

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~Incognito -- From Thought to Finish

Incognito was created for submission into this month's Online
Professional Visual Artists competition. The theme is 'Materials' and winners are chosen by popular vote (members only). In the past few months, one of my entries was honored with a 2nd Place and another, a 3rd Place finish. Typically, there have also been several Non Placers (Losers?). Always a Bridesmaid, never a Bride, eh?

Well, it's really not whether you win or lose yada, yada. It's always fun to create and
choose my entries, letting them trickle onto the submissions Gallery, one at a time, to join the other fascinating works.

Ova, where I'm known by my "EyeSpy" alias, is populated by all manner of visual artists: photographers, painters, sketch artists, fractalists and other digital dreamers, etc. You can imagine how differently each of us interprets a theme like "Materials".

Here, have a peek!

As soon as I heard the theme title, a loosely-imagined version of this image popped into my head. There were many, many steps between that original thought and the final image -- a very few of which are shown, above.

So, if you've wondered how my work gets out of my head (scary thought, I know) and onto archival, UV protected paper, here's a wee bit of the process.

Incognito took about 18 hours to complete -- in part, because I'm a chronic tweaker.

Hey, I'm betting you already knew that. :)



  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    These designs are awesome! I was almost transported to different time and place after staring at one of them too long. = )

  2. Wow!! Those are amazing! The bottom one is my favorite. Will go check out your etsy shop immediately!!

  3. Hi WJ!

    Awesome as always! I love the new look for your blog too! Definitely WOW! :)

  4. Wendy you 'tweak' your works into gorgeous perfection and I love 'Incognito'!

  5. Great posts and I like the quote about new ideas appearing crazy. They always do.