Saturday, February 21, 2009

art166 digital river rural surreal road highway Texas

art166 digital landscape river rural surreal road highway Texas
~ What I Remember About That Summer...

This surreal landscape is coming soon to my and stores!

Click image for larger view.

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Hello, all!

For the next few posts, I'll be trying something a little different. To accompany some of my recent work, I'll be posting several of my favorite contributions to the discussion forums where I'm a member --,,, etc. What you'll read here will be one-sided, to be sure, as I won't post entire threads, but will give you a further peek into the head of this digital artist.

Believe me, I know how scary that sounds!

I look forward to reading your commnets . . . on my comments and/or on the original topic. And, as always -- enjoy the art!

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From the Online Visual Artists Forum Post:
To ‘Photoshop or not to Photoshop’ your work

Is it artistically okay to Photoshop your photography? A little? A lot? Why?

My comment:

That's my thing. After years in photograpy, I don't really consider myself a photographer anymore. I'm glad I've got the skills to be able to spot and capture a good scene, but, for me, it's all about the digital work that will come after.

I like creating something that, very obviously, would not exist without modern technology. I like that my manipulated images start with a camera and then swerve, wildly, wherever I choose to take them. I love straying far, far away from the 'realism' box. That's what I do -- it's the main focus of my work.

Of course, I still, sometimes, take a photograph that (mostly) remains a photograph. But, usually, when I'm lining up a good shot, I'm already mentally laying out the manip.

Part serious technology geek, part exuberant creative. That's my art. That's my excitement.

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  1. Hi!
    I love your work. I did visit it earlier. Ha! I've bookmarked it so I can spend more time there too.


  2. and I LOVE what you do with those photos Wendy! you have the imagination and skills to turn a photo into a wonderful dreamlike surreal work of art. For instance, you turned that photo of the road into a wonderful fantasy and I love that reflecting water!

  3. Hi WJ, your works have demonstrated your unique style and artistic sense and it sounds great that you have found excitements! BTW, thanks for your kind words. Hopefully, things will be getting better, just a matter of time... :)

  4. WJ ,,WOW
    You've turned that highway into a river! I have such great respect for you talented people who can take these programs and make REAL ART with them. I've given it a small spin,,,and my head just doesn't work that way.
    Amazing,,,,and this one especially so!

  5. I too love your work. I am so envious of your talent with a camera AND computer. I am lost with both. This latest creation really sets my imagination soaring. Lovely work.

  6. Hi!

    You are the winner of the Wednesday, February 25th drawing for the mini print by Mikiep from my blog, Dirty Pretty Things to Ponder:

    Please check your Etsy convo's for my message. Congratulations...and be sure to enter for today's drawing, if you haven't already! Only 2 days left to win! :)