Saturday, January 01, 2011

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$3.35 card - $127.68 canvas

"Zephyrus - The Relic" is available now at my Art166 - RedBubble Gallery.

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This is NOT Oprah Winfrey's Blog!

I know we've all heard that a very special lady is launching a very special project today -- and I know the artwork, above, is very special, indeed, so I understand the confusion -- but trust me; this is NOT Oprah's blog. (Though if she'd like to invite me to do an arty show segment, I am SO there. (Hey, Oprah -- call me!)

If you want to view hours (days!) of medical advice, relationship advice, diet advice, fashion advice, psychological advice, decorating advice, (all of which is great advice, I'm sure) you're probably waiting, eagerly, in front of the TV.

If, instead, you want to get comfy with your computer and view some cool (if I may say so), intriguing, contemporary art -- and, perhaps, learn a little about digital art along the way -- well, you came to just the right place.

For any old-timers out there, I know you heard this blog was dead, but this is a new year for an old blog . . . that, in the coming days,  just might have a few fresh ideas up its sleeve. :-)

Happy New Year!


  1. Wendy, a very happy New Year to you! I love the transformation seen in your art! Also, the red stairs in your gallery in the right side bar is stunning!
    Saw your comment on my did you find me?

  2. Happy New Year my friend, you know I love your art! Your new piece is soo cool and how you changed the windmill to look so awesome in red!!

  3. Welcome to 'The Wow', Jeannette -- glad you've enjoyed the images here. :-)

    I saw your comment on my old pal Lynette's blog, and checked out your profile. Seeing a psychologist admit to having a 'wacky side' was enough to convince me to check out your wonderful paintings!

    You can see a larger view of 'Steps' (which is actually more orange than red -- or should be, at least) by following this link:

    Is it okay for me to add your blog to my sidebar links?

    Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks, Lynette, and Happy New Year! Yep, I've been putting that poor windmill through extreme changes for several years, now. All from one photo . . . ahh, the joys of digital art! :-)

  5. Hi Wendy!
    I 'lost' you in a computer crash,,so was glad to see you re-surface.
    As always, I'm wowed by your work.
    all the best to you in 2011!

  6. Good to 'see' you, Babs, and Happy New Year! Is now a good time to give you the 'always back up your system', lecture?

    Okay -- I won't! :-)