Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ "Black Velvet" 
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"The world is black, the world is white . . ."
~ Three Dog Night

Back in the stone age, when I first picked up a Canon 35mm SLR, I loved shooting in black and black. Eventually, typically, black and black began to bore me. Ho-hum, yada, yada, yada. Here's a beautiful, black and black . . . tree. Yawn.

Fast forward some years later, and my interest in b&w has reignited -- in a moderate way -- so, I've decided to indulge my renewed interest. Occasionally, at least.

This work is different from my stone age stuff, as my creative impulse has become ever more unconventional. And, as usual, all my images will be under the digital influence.


Let's see where it takes me.

* * *

*Today's image, "Black Velvet", explores a breathless moment under a deep, black sky. Photographed at the Botanical Garden in San Antonio, Texas.

* * *

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