Monday, April 23, 2012


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The 'Testing' Series
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During my third-grade-year in elementary school, I was pulled from classes for about a week to take a series of tests.  My favorites were the Rorschach tests -- even though I'm convinced such subjective testing is largely unreliable.  

I was sure those cards would look really cool hanging in my bedroom, though asking for them probably skewed my test results. ;-) Unfortunately, my powers of persuasion were not as finely-honed back in those days and I didn't get the cards, but I've never forgotten how much I liked the look of some of the images -- especially the stark, spare, black and white pieces. 

It was inevitable that, at some point, I'd design my own.  :-)

* * *

Design note:  These museum-quality prints are available framed or unframed, or in a high-impact, contemporary, ready-to-hang acrylic finish.  All framed prints are shown with Raven Black Mat and 111MBLK Economy Rainbow Black Frame.  Other frames and mats are available.  Click here, or the individual images, above, for more info. 
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