Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Introducing The 'Natural Attributes' Collection, by Wendy J. St. Christopher -

"Creativity is a lot like looking at the world through a kaleidoscope. You look at a set of elements, the same ones everyone else sees, but then reassemble those floating bits and pieces into an enticing new possibility."

~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Kaleidoscopes make me think of the past; a time when nothing was perfect, but everything was possible.  A time when escape could be found in a 99 cent cylinder from the local Woolworth's store.

Kaleidoscopes are imagination, mystery, and wonder -- an accessible stream of endless possibilities.

Kaleidoscopes are magic!  At least, I thought they were, until I was five or six years old.  ;-)

They still have their own kind of magic -- patterns, shapes, and colors, forming an intriguing 'other' -- which is why I enjoy exploring them through my art.  I've created kaleidoscopic art for many years; first, with paper, scissors and glue, then, and now, through the medium of digital art. 

 I like my current process better . . . more gratifying output, less frustrating clean-up.   ;-)

With this new collection, I've taken my kaleidoscopic images to a different plane; a plane of pure whimsy, where everything is colorful, bold, complex, and lush.  Symmetry, order, and elegance are joyful co-conspirators in these twenty pieces.

 These vibrant images create a stunning focal point -- whether displayed singly or in groups -- and are equally at home in contemporary or traditional spaces.

Fine art prints from The Natural Attributes Collection are available through my online galleries at Fine Art America.  They can be purchased in a variety of sizes, fine finishes, and optional framing choices.  Click here to see the entire collection.

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True Tales of an Insomniac Artist
Wendy J. St. Christopher,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Leaky kitchen = sinking ship
True Tales of an Insomniac Artist
Wendy J. St. Christopher,

Last evening, during an unseasonal downpour, my kitchen ceiling sprang a serious leak. 

I spent the night bailing out, napping in random, 20-minute increments (just in case the rain started again), and remembering, with inappropriate nostalgia, our usual, summer drought conditions. 

The $3.21 in my account won't cut it.  Anyone know a San Antonio roofer who'll 'work for art?'  Hope springs eternal!  :-)

In slightly-exaggerated fact, my kitchen resembled my own abstract, 'Sudden Storm' -- only indoors, which is so, very uncool . . .
exciting abstract thunderstorm in blues and greens depicting heavy rain and lightning
('Sudden Storm' - print prices start at $37 US - click for larger view or purchase)

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

From Rusty Photos to Fresh Art - My New Collection Revealed!

The Oxidation Collection -
(Print prices start at $32 US)

While on a shooting expedition with a friend, I braved a midsummer, creepy-crawly-laden Texas field to photograph an abandoned, rusty, Hesston 600 tractor.  

The resulting pictures were solid, if unamazing.  In fact, the most exciting thing about that shoot was the Texas-sized grasshopper I fished out of my blouse during the walk back to the truck. Ewwww!

Fast-forward a few years, when I was hit with sudden, blazing inspiration -- dig out those rusty tractor shots (the tractor was rusty -- not the photos) and transform them into a 12-image collection.  Wonderfully recycled visual art!

Piece of cake, right?

One of the many joys of photo-manipulation is that every capture is brimming with possibilities; I never, ever delete anything I've photographed.  Even the most mundane capture can become a gorgeous background or texture.

In this case, I had an intriguing source as a kickstarter.  I also had about a zillion ideas -- all that earthy color and intriguing texture! 

These two images had already settled comfortably into my online galleries, but were starved for rusted company --

So, I spent a week or two thinking . . . thinking . . . thinking . . . Hmmm, an obviously-themed collection of visually diverse images . . .

In typical fashion, the Lord and Lady arrived first.  Early birds tend to do that --

Then, late one night, the dramatic Torso, 
and meditative Zoned,

nudged me from a half-hearted attempt at sleep.

Several others followed in quick succession.

Finally, the regally oxidized King demanded an immediate transfer from my mind to the comparative safety of the computer --

In the end, one dozen completed works were ready to brave the light of day -- all as different as they are similar.  Twelve images, ten of which didn't exist just a few months ago, even as a glimmer of thought.

So, when inspiration knocks, go where it leads -- even if that's into a grassy, Texas field crawling with insects and (gulp!) lizards.

I can't wait to see what comes knocking next!  :-)

* CLICK HERE to see the entire, eclectic collection.  You can own all, or any part, of The Oxidation Collection . . . if you're so inspired.

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