Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The one where an obvious clue is discovered -- without spreading that messy, black dust everywhere.

" . . . if you want to stand out, you have to learn to crystallize your existence, 
and create your own fingerprints."
                ~ Carlos Santana

In pursuit of truth, justice, and the American way, I originally planned to join the local police force.  Unfortunately, that was back in the days of pre-political correctness, and I was one inch too short to apply. (Apparently, my elegant, long-legged stature is all in my mind.)

As it turns out, even civilians of average height can uncover relevant evidence . . .  like this thumbprint abstraction, for instance.

Title - 'One Clean Print'

In bright colors on yellow -- 
'One Clean Print - bright', available at, from $47 US.

or classic greyscale on white --
'One Clean Print - greyscale', available at, from $47 US.

If you're thinking the only crime here is a crime against art . . . well, that burden of proof lies with you.  Feel free to order a few large prints, to aid in your investigation.  First, examine them for clues, then hang them on your walls!

I call that a win/win situation; justice served!  ;-)


* Fine art prints of my 'One Clean Print' images are available through my website at   

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True Tales of an Insomniac Artist
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  1. Love it ... especially the color-version ... wonderful swirly fun and joyful mood!!!

    1. Welcome to my blog, Lois! Thank you -- the color version is my fave, too. Oy . . . my color obsession! :-)

    2. I adore color, too!!! But I like that you included a b&w ...I'm beginning to appreciatd b&w more and more especially if the image is heavily geometric ... shapes and lines <~ which I love!!!

    3. I feel the same about geometrics and lines in B&W -- which is exactly why this one got the treatment! Also, I see this as a stylized thumbprint, and fingerprints are usually black and white! :-)

  2. I love - LOVE - "Fine Art of Insomnia". Wonderful!

    I like the color version too. :)

    1. Howdy, Stranger -- thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed your visit; c'mon back now, y'hear? ;-)