Sunday, October 22, 2006

~ Beyond
Coming soon to!

* * *

The Backstory -

I dreamed I was staring, through a chain-link fence, at a vast expanse of vividly blue water and sky.

"Beyond" is what came of that dream.

* * *

If you want to see somtheing freaky, check out "Quietly" from my last post, below. Then, have a look at Sandy's "To Touch a Unicorn" posting, here.

Freakazoidial, no?

Have a good browse while you're there. Sandy's blog is magical!

* * * *

Good news! My phone (the one I dropped in a pail of water on Friday) is working perfectly! I couldn't afford to replace it, so -- Yay!


  1. Really interesting W.J., almost looks like a plank set up to scale the fence.

  2. Aw thanks a lot for that write-up W.J.
    you are too kind,:-) Our posting almost simultaneously was wierd though. :-)

    Wish my dreams turned out as creative as yours has with this post. Love the colour combination, the blue spots make it look like a fantasy nightscape.

    And great news with the submersible phone. lol

  3. oh, now its working. last two times I tried to leave a comment blogger wouldn't let me.

    weird pic, but sometimes you have to do what a dream says. Although I won't be with mine, I had the most horrible dream last night. I dont' want to talk about it.
    glad your phone is okay.

  4. I thought it was picture from a kiddy park. What kind of camera to you use to photograph a dream?

  5. I have vivid dreams all the time and so many of my friends and family tell me that they rarely remember their own. I should try to keep a dream journal...I think it's un-tapped creative inspiration.

    I really like what you have done with this has a very surreal quality to me that I feel like I really get.

  6. Beyond seems to be a word that fits my thoughts these days..i love the have so many great things to admire but i think this one so far is my is amazing and just right for the day..

  7. You influenced me with your picture. I saw a night scene with yours. alarge moon, but with sandy's I saw the same until I studied it and saw an angel not what others saw.It was strange that you posted together.

  8. Cool.

    And freakazoidial yes!!

    Thanks for welcome back WJ!!

  9. That is really freaky...Not only the mental connection you seem to have but the phone thing, too.

  10. This is so surreal looking, I love it! Those little rounds of sky remind me of mirrors. Glad your phone is OK!