Friday, October 20, 2006

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Friday's Drive-by Post

Today, already, I've had a gi-normous asthma attack, dropped my telephone into a bucket of dirty water, and made a critical math error while constructing a shipping carton for this piece, which was supposed to go out in this morning's mail.

All this on about 3 hours' sleep.

Woe is me.

Bygones . . .

* * *

In better news, a local Good Samaritan (one Mr. Tony Mack) was in a grocery store parking lot when he spotted a man on a bicycle attempting to carjack a frightened looking woman.

When the bicycling bad-boy attempted to escape, Mr Mack pursued him, knocked him right off his getaway two-wheeler, tied the perp up with a shoelace, and brought him back to the scene of the crime, restraining him until the arrival of San Antonio's Finest.

The victim identified the suspect (who won't be winning the Tour de France anytime soon), and the hapless suspect has already confessed.

Kudos, Mr. Tony Mack! The human race needs more, just like you!

* * * *

Oh, today's image? After my less-than-stellar morning, I needed a quiet place.


  1. I love this W.J. but this is creepy ~ go see my last post!!!!

    Ok maybe not exactly the same! But you have to admit its creepy!
    Sorry to hear you had such a bad day, hope you are feeling ok after your attack. *hugs*
    Loved the hero story.

  2. Sandy! I know! I just left a similar comment on your post! Great minds . . .

    Thanks, I feel much better, already.

    That news story is great, isn't it? Good news is in short supply, these days.

  3. Every day heros! I just love 'em. Tied him with a shoelace, now that's ingenuity. Glad you're feeling better and after your day, there's nowhere to go but up!

  4. three hours' sleep - what a day!

    Hope you have a relaxing and quiet weekend!

  5. Huh, I thought Friday the 13th was last week.....(this stuff that you write about isn't suspose to happen on other days)

    I love the piece you made the math error for shipping on.

    Also, I LOVE black and white images, this one is so nice. Great work.

  6. What a beautiful peaceful mother-of-pearl moon, I love this one and also all the color and patterns in 'Past Pieces'. W.J. arrgh I'm so sorry you had a bad asthma attack and all the bad things happening. I'm wishing for better days ahead for ya! This time of year has been socking me with the allergies. It's going to get in the 30's next week at night, ugh! I'm glad you're having cooler weather finally though, 90's is way too hot for any time of year!

  7. Thanks, Kat. Shoelace, indeed! I carry a couple sets of plistic zip ties in my bag, just in case!

  8. No kidding, Nancy! Maybe that was the problem -- got my dates confused!

    That piece ("Outpost") is one of my favorites; it's a manipulation of a photo of a windmill. I'm betting I've gotten more mileage from that windmill than any farmer ever could!

    Today's black & white piece did, initially, have a bit of color to it. I kept desaturating the colors to make the piece quieter and finally realized they had to go. Look closely and you'll see there's a bit of very soft color in the actual orb. I can't wait to have a large-format version of this piece printed up!

  9. Hi, Lynette, glad you like it!

    Yesterday went much better than Friday, thank goodness. You know how some days are just out of sync from start to finish? Friday was definitely one of those!

    I know what you mean -- there's nothing like autumn and winter 'cold fronts' to bring in every allergen in the known universe! For sure, we won't see a 30 degree night here for months. However, when I realize that just a month ago it was still over 100 degrees every day, I'm not gonna complain about any cold/cool weather that comes our way!

  10. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Oooh...This is nice...

    No sleep? We like sleep.