Tuesday, March 13, 2007

~ #1, #2, #3, #4 of the "Circulation" series

Vivid 10"x8" digital reproductions

Available for purchase, separately, at Art166.com.

$20.00 USD ea.

* * *

"Writer's block ... is simply a failure of ego."
~ Norman Mailer

"The ego has left the building."
~ W. J. St. Christopher

Yep, I've got writer's block. At this point, it's a miracle I can even write my own name. ~ sigh ~ woe is me . . . (do I hear violin music?)

I'm done with trying to wait it out, so, for the next little while, I'll only be posting images.

To make up for my temporary shortcomings, I'll try to post lots and lots of images. Yep, new stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY! Really!

I hope you'll continue to comment -- I can't write worth a darn, but I can still read (for the moment, anyway).

Enjoy, and let the viewing (and, if you're so inclined, purchasing) begin!

~ W. J.


  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You've been very helpful with your wealth of information you so kindly shared.

    As for your blog post today ... I've gotta tell you I can only nod in agreement. I find I can never think of words to write. It's an embarrassment to me ... I'm just letting everyone know it's just my personality to be a woman of little words........ *wink

    Looking forward to seeing your new work.. sure like todays post... great.

  2. I have writer's block all the time...it comes and goes. More often than not, I write in tangents which is difficult for people to follow.

    I think your Circulation series would look amazing all together. It would be a shame to break them up!

  3. Don't worry about writer's block W.J. these images are so hypnotic they say it all for you....*Listen to my voice... "Buy Me!" :-)
    Take it easy, you are working too hard!

  4. It was my pleasure, Nancy. I hope it's info you can use.

    I'm naturally gregarious, and rarely use 50 words when 500 will do the job. It seems the interesting-words-to-paper center of my brain is temporarily on strike. Hopefully, it will soon be back on the job.

    Nancy, you do just fine with your writing. After all, you only need to get your point across. It just so happens that my "point" is usually a lengthy mini-manifesto!

    Glad you enjoyed today's pieces!

  5. Hi, Cynthia! I only get hit with the dreaded block once or twice a year (though it seems I have no problem responding to comments or direct questions).

    The "Circulation" pieces were created for my last show, and I displayed them together in a square(-ish) pattern. I used 11x14 black frames and black mats, and, you're right, they looked pretty incredible!

    They're Open Edition printings, so the set will always be available to anyone who wants them all.

    P.S. I never have any trouble following your tangential posts!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement, Sandy.

    Ah, you can hear them very clearly!

    You're right, I am working too hard. I've been trying to decide which day of the week should be my "day off". However, I've already figured out that I can't be in the house with the computers and not work. There are always pieces to finish, email to deal with, items to package up, shows to prepaer, yadda, yadda . . .

    The only solution is to remove myself from the house -- and, I rarely leave the house. So, I work.

    Hey, at least it's really enjoyable, gratifying work!

  7. Please excuse me, WJ, what exactly is "writer's block"?

    Anyway, new image every single day?! wow, I can't wait. :)

  8. Ironic that you manage to write so well about not being able to write...

  9. Hi, Fennn,

    Here's one good definition:

    "Writer's block is a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to continue writing, usually due to lack of inspiration or creativity."

    That's me -- uninspired . . .

    New pictures! I've already chosen a set for tomorrow!

  10. Thank you, WJ, for the explanation. I think I'm suffering from this phenomenon almost on a permanent basis then. :)

    BTW, I manage to post some of the photos in my flickr album. Happy viewing.

  11. I like to have pretty things to look at.

    It distracts me from feeling so bad for not writing myself.

  12. Tammi, now that you mention it . . . seems that it's more mental block than writer's block.

    Go figure!

  13. Hi, Jay,

    I'm happy to serve as a distraction for my fellow 'should-be' scribes.

    A woman needs a purpose in life!

  14. I just come for the pictures. But today's made ne dizzy.

  15. Hi, Dr. John! Looks like my work here is done . . .

  16. Great work; colorful, crisp- original, and the text moves your images forward.

  17. Ah gee W.J. I really enjoy reading your posts that go along with the gorgeous work you're posting. Now I'm the one that can't write worth a darn but your words are so expressive and interesting. Maybe you were just experiencing the dreaded creative block but I'm glad it's lifted. That first image reminded me of the burner on my stove when it is getting red hot, love your circular series!!

  18. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Good to see new works WJ, been too long. inkings, santa fe