Tuesday, June 02, 2009

~ The U.S.S. Lexington

~ The Whale

~ Pinwheel

~ Sky Ladders

~ The U.S.S. Lexington, docked in Corpus Christi, Texas, was the source of inspiration for these images.

Click image for larger view.

* * *

~ Tales Of The Recalcitrant Blogger

After an eternity away, I'm (once again) easing my way Back To The Blog.

I enjoy blogging -- really, I do. For some reason, though, when the chaos sets in and 'real life' gets busy, or sad, or overwhelming, or any shiny bit catches my interest, blogging is the first thing to fall off my 'To Do' list.

The Universe may be trying to send me a message. Which makes me wonder,


  1. I would trust the Universe, or perhaps your muse :)

  2. Hi WJ, so glad to see you're back ~ blogging. :)

  3. Wendy, it's so great to see you back...Holey moley, that is a huge ship and I love the art you produced from it!

  4. Great pictures and glad your back.

  5. Are you doing okay? Hope so. Take care

  6. Hi WJ, haven't written any update here. Hope you're doing fine! :)

  7. Chaos? Join the club. *smile. Seems the normal sometimes. Don't force it, when it's time to blog you will. Hope to see you back here soon.

  8. There you are ... nice to see your work once again.

  9. Hi Christopher,
    I like your new posts; scintillating and alive. I am on and off again about blogging too. Sometimes you have to go with the flow.