Wednesday, March 04, 2009

~ Images from Service for 24
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~ Estate Sale Tales - The Digital Chapters

Chapter 2

Continuing digital visions from the Estate Sale.

I really wish I'd bought these gorgeous, nearly-red dishes. After all, you never know when I'll want to invite twenty-four of my nearest and dearest over for brunch.

Of course, I'd have to find someone to actually cook brunch. People do eat at those things, don't they?


  1. WOW! I mean bloody WOWY, I love these.

  2. I love what you did with those dishes.

  3. hi, hope you are well. i see you posted my pic from that one summer, blog is going private so i can feel free to blog again. pls make sure i have your email so i don't miss out on more time with you.. love

    (miss you, check your email for there is good news there ;p

  4. Wow! What a collection of Chinese style dishes and spoons! Your works just made them look so different and colourful!

  5. Gorgeous!! I love the idea behind this series...very interesting!
    Great work!!

  6. That is AMAZING! I really like how the colors and patterns changed so beautifully in the transformation you did. I have always loved Asian dishes, the soup bowls and spoons especially--- and love your interpretation here.

  7. Love how in that second manipulation there appears to be a checkered tablecloth. Amazing!
    Oh, and I could have used these great dishes last week for my brunch of 24. Oh wait,,,,that was a dream,,,,or more like a nightmare!

  8. This blows me away!

  9. I am always bedazzled when I visit here. Glad that you liked my tree photos. The tall ones have such ancient spirits.

  10. I knew when I saw the "original" - that your reworked one would be fabulous!

    These remind me of dishes my mom would use when I was a kid and she made "Chinese " food - we always seemed to have dishes to match the country of the theme dinners....

  11. Wendy, I love all these treasures you are making from the estate sales pictures, tooo cool!!