Thursday, February 09, 2006

Capitol Stars


Upward Mobility

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Look for "Capitol Stars" in the Celestial Vision gallery.

Look for "Upward Mobility" in the Lensitivity gallery.


The Backstory -

This powerful lady adorns the very top of the Texas State Capitol Building.

My original plan was to tell you all kinds of fascinating details about the creation and history of this fascinating figure.

So much for my plans . . .

As I began my research, I found that the only thing anyone seems to know for sure about the statue, is that no one seems to know anything for sure about the statue. I'm pretty sure that she's not the original statue, but that's about it!

Seems she's a real mystery woman.

There's no way for me to impart any definitive info, so here are three links to some very good articles on the subject. I dare you to read them and draw your own conclusions!

The Capitol Goddess

Historic Photos Gallery

Historic Artifacts Gallery


Due South

Possibly my favorite show of all time, Due South was the brainchild of the brilliant Paul Haggis, before his "Million Dollar Baby" and "Crash" breakthroughs.

Three seasons of absolute perfection. Three seasons of the lovely, talented and likeable (frequently lovable) Paul Gross.

Buy the DVDs.

Watch the DVDs.

Become a fan for life. Really.