Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Incompetent Nanny

Available for purchase, in a variety of sizes and price points, at Art166.com.

Look for it in the Abstractions gallery.


The Backstory -

Poor Nanny!

The house is a wreck and the kids have all fallen down!

What do do???


This fun image was created from an original fractal design. Also, I'd been eager to try something interesting with that "crumpled paper" texture as a background.

After deciding that the main fractal form was a "nanny" (and I have no idea where that thought came from), it seemed only right to plop her into the middle of a huge domestic disaster.

I'm betting some of you can relate!

Listening to:
The sublime "Colin Blunstone"

There isn't enough space on these pages for me to explain how much I love this man's voice and music. I can only say, if you're not listening to him, you're missing something really special.


  1. Don't worry about comments too much, I was just pushing for a challenge! It's a very interesting image, I prefer the colours to the crumpled paper.

    Brings memories of breaking an expensive ornament and looking at the pieces. Excellent colours.

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I love that picture because it is so colorful and it speaks for the colors.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, John! Nope, I don't worry about comments -- it was just so exciting to see so many on your site that it made me want a taste. What can I say? Tryin' to keep up with the blogging Jones' (or is that Joneses???)

  4. Thansks, Sam! Admittedly, color is my THING! Glad you liked it.

  5. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Thanks for commenting in my blog, since all of my blogger friends are busy with finals and I finished them already!

  6. I love the picture, very multidimensional, sort of gives you the feeling that you ARE the incompetent nanny. It's how I felt during my first standardized test. I love the colors, particularly in the middle of the spirals.
    -the soul seer

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