Thursday, February 16, 2006

Things to do in Austin when you're dead.

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The Backstory -

Yes, some people really are willing to drive across Texas to pick up a couple of eBay purchases.

Of course, we took this drive (hey, Neesie!) on the rainiest day of the year and were caught up in a deluge of practically biblical proportions!

Exaggerate? Me?!?!

In Austin, we met some nice eBayers, picked up the vintage-y lamps (which, okay, were worth it!) and then headed for home.

Late afternoon, we were blessed with this inexplicably quiet stretch of expressway and I fired a few shots off (with the camera! This had nothing to do with road rage!) through the rain-washed windshield.

Just a few moments later, of course, we were caught up in a rush hour traffic jam of practically biblical proportions! Seriously!

Sitting there, twiddling my thumbs, gave me a chance to plan a manipulated treatment for these two photos; something surreal and more than a bit outside the envelope.

Just like Austin.