Tuesday, December 12, 2006

~ Burners - 5"x7" - $13 USD

Available now at my Etsy "Small Works" shop!

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Feel the burn!

Maybe because it's been really chilly in my tiny house, I've been inspired to work on a lot of "burning" images. So, this week, I'm posting "HOT" pics!

As usual, they're for sale; "Burners" is available in a Limted Edition printing of 166 reproductions. To purchase (Hey, no pushing!) just click the store link or the "Buy Now" button below the pic. (Shipping fee is included in "Buy Now" price.)


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Thank you, kindly, for all the nice comments (and sales!) on last week's crop of ACEOs. They're fun to make -- seeing my work in this mini-size is a kick and a half!

* * * *

Winter's Over! ~ sigh ~

I had to turn the air conditioner back on a couple of days ago. Mid-70's today and for the next five or six days, at least-- warm enough for bare feet.

I am not amused!

* * * *

(The following links include some fabulous audio. If you're at work or in church, be discrete.)

Did anyone catch Tony Bennett's duet with Michael Buble on yesterday's "Oprah"? Two of my very favorite men -- one, w-a-y too old for me, and the other, w-a-y too young.

What's a girl to do?


  1. naw, missed the duet, too busy drooling over rudy youngblood (jaguar paw in the movie apocolypto).
    phew, I don't think the hot flush was menopause this time LOL!
    which, ahem, reminds me that your pic is HOT.

  2. eek I've never even heard of Michael Buble (must be my age LOL). Darn W.J. mid 70's is too hot for this time of year! I love your 'hot' work of art, it's gorgeous!