Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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~ On A Day of Deep Radiance
15"x21" - $80 USD

Available now at!

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~ Hot "Pic" of the day!

Another warm December day,

another "burning" work of digital art!

"On A Day of Deep Radiance" is available in a Limted Edition printing of 166 reproductions. Buy it, now, before the other 165 art collectors get here!

To purchase
"On A Day of Deep Radiance", click the store link or the "Buy Now" button below the pic. (Shipping fee is included in "Buy Now" price.)

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Every day this week, I've toyed with the idea of taking an afternoon nap. I'm thinking today may just be the day. I've been awake since 3:30 a.m., after getting about two hours of sleep.

ZZZzzzzzzzzzz . . .


  1. thank you for the email hon. your most kind. and talented of course. i love this work and the ones i have missed..nice hot pictures..

    take a nap hon, you will burn out if you don't sleep enough and then you might get sick..your body needs to rest. XO

  2. W.J. I hope you enjoyed your nap. Hey this is a beautiful work and it emits waves of heat in that yummy red!

    p.s. You've been tagged in my blog (hehehehe)!!!!

  3. Nice work!

    I need a nap everyday around 4, but don't normally allow myself this indulgence. But go ahead, especially since you've been up so early!

    I love my ACEOs that I purchased from you, they're beautiful! I am going to mat and frame them. I probably never would have purchased digital work if I hadn't met you. One, day, when I have more money, I'll be looking for something larger!

  4. Thanks, Chana! I didn't get the nap yesterday, but slept like a pig last night -- a sleeping> pig!

  5. Hey, Lynette!

    I claim "Universal Immunity" on the tag. I'm thinking potential customers might run screaming into the night if they know just how much of a strange duck I am! (Though, if they're regular readers, they've already figured it out!)

  6. Hi, Cynthia, good to "see" you. I haven't been able to leave a comment on your blog all this week! I guess I'll set up a Google account and try to log in that way.

    Congrats on making the cover of the ACEO magazine. That's very exciting!

    Good to hear that you love the ACEOs! I certainly love making them. It's been fun choosing the artwork for such a tiny format. That process really makes me see my work differently.

    Convincing collectors that it's okay to "buy digital" has been an uphill battle, so every sale is a victory. Thanks for taking the plunge!

    I remind myself that 100 years ago, many people believed photography to be witchcraft!

    Just call me Sisyphus!

  7. Just love the deep smoldering, sultry reds here, gorgeous, the heat simply well, radiates. :-) Hope you managed to have that nap W.J. you have to slow down and recharge sometime.