Monday, December 04, 2006

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Click here to purchase these (and more!) ACEOs at my "Small Works" Etsy Shop!

($3.00 USD ea.)

* * *

ACEO -- What's it all about?

Good morning, class! Today, we're going to learn about ACEOs.


I knew you would be!

* * *

Pop Quiz! (relax, it's all multiple choice)

1. ACEO stands for:
a. Allergic Cats Eat Oranges;
b. Albanian Cars Emit Oxidants; or,
c. Art Cards, Editions and Originals

2. There is only one "rule" for creating an ACEO. This rule is:
a. An ACEO must be bigger than a breadbox;
b. An ACEO must smell like a field of freshly mown hay; or
c. An ACEO must measure 2.5"x3.5"

3. ACEOs are considered to be:
a. Just one more burden on an overtaxed society;
b. All fun and games, until someone loses an eye; or
c. Highly collectible, miniature works of art

4. If you see an ACEO created by W. J. St. Christopher, you should immediately:

a. Contact Homeland Security to report
dangerous use of color and form;
b. Call your psychiatrist -- you're obviously hallucinating; or
c. Buy the ACEO, immediately, before someone else grabs it!

~ Quiz answer key ~

1. Correct answer is c. Who really cares if cats are eating oranges, anyway?

2. Correct answer is c. Freshly mown hay? Hear me wheeze.

3. Correct answer is c. Starving artists are a burden on an overtaxed society. I'm offering you an opportunity to alleviate that burden.

4. Correct answer is c. This has the potential of being a two-fold success story: you own a fabulous, tiny work of art (or two, or three), and I (honestly) earn some fabulous, tiny money! (Refer to answer #3, above.)

* * *

If you answered all four questions correctly, you're a winner!

If you chose any incorrect answers . . . for pete's sake -- refer to question 4b, above.

* * *

Hope you're a little warmer today, Dr. John, in spite of my continued creative hustle!


  1. oh i can't believe how smart i feel. i got most of them right, ;p

    that was fun hon.

    and the ACEO are just precious..

  2. Let's just say my brain hurts ;)

    Mind you, the images in your post have a healing vibe to them, almost psychedelic in an 'Indian Subcontinent' way. For some reason the 2nd one is my fave.

  3. How did you know I would read today's blog? You must have some mystic powers.
    I will be back to buy one of those whatevers or maybe two.

  4. Awww W.J. yea I'm glad you're selling aceo's and guess what, I just bought 'The Edge of Paradise'as a treat for myself, an early Christmas present! It was hard to pick because they're all so gorgeous!!

  5. Lets see the wooden goodies...... I thought I was the only one from another world.

    As usual, your work is inspiring and makes me want to create MORE, MORE, MORE.

  6. That was too funny...and of course i rushed right on over to your store! : )

  7. Oh W.J. wowowwwww, speaking of Christmas morning, that's what it felt like as I saw your aceo and other goodies today!!! The Edge of Paradise is just so exquisite I just don't know what to say except a huge THANK YOU!! Seeing it on my monitor was lovely but IRL it is just hard to describe the sharp beautiful detail and scrumptious colors!! WoW!!

  8. lol Highly creative, funny and educational, what an amazing collection W.J. my you have been busy!

  9. I like the fractals. Very good coloring. I really like the work you do ;)