Friday, March 24, 2006

9 Treasures

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"Okay, so I'm addicted to digital art, it's like painting with magic!"
~ Lynette Clay, Artist

When I read these words on painter Lynette Clay's blog, I immediately wrote and asked if I could quote her. 9 Treasures was specifically created as a tribute to her sagacious words. You're obviously a visionary, Lynette! Thank you!

Too many people still see digital art as "not real art" or as something that a computer just "spits out," or that "anyone with a computer can do that."

Yes, I've actually had these things said to my face. (Don't worry, nobody got hurt -- much!)

I say, let everyone with a computer do it! Digital art can be brilliant, beautiful and like nothing that has come before! The world needs more digital art!

C'mon everyone -- boot up!

Listening to:

The lovely and talented Paul Gross.

I love Paul Gross. Years ago,while watching a rerun of "Due South" I stated, jokingly (but, you know, wishing it were true!), that Paul Gross was my boyfriend.

After a moment of silence, my 8-year-old nephew looked at me, and shaking his head said very seriously, "Mom, you're delusional."

Out of the mouths of babes!


  1. OH W.J. Thank you so much, I am so honored, speechless, happy and excited that you quoted what I said in my blog but I can tell you that I felt what I said straight from my heart. I do both traditional painting on canvas and digital painting and they are both separate but fantastic mediums. I suspect people say those hurtful things about digital art from lack of experience and knowhow. Really some of the best art I've ever produced has been paintings done with pixels, or digital art, and there are many many many steps so it definitely isn't something the "computer just spits out".
    I think your work is just amazinging beautiful and magical I've seen! I can tell you where I get a lot of my inspiration is my fellow digital artists in a thread in the abstract/contemporary forum in WetCanvas called "Quickie Digi Abstract" A fellow called Wiscojaydub gave it that name when he posted a digital art before rushing to work one morning and the title has stuck and it turned into one of the longest running threads in WC history. They finally had to make it a monthly thread. We would love you to come join us in there for some inspiration and we have lots of fun too. Well sorry this comment turned out sooo long W.J. You keep on making your glorious magic paintings because they are fantastically gorgeous!! A fan,

  2. I got so carried away there I forgot to mention that "9 Treasures" is incredibly awesome!! I see 9 windows in a frame, each with it's own lovely colored patterned magical view. Thanks W.J. this really rocks!

  3. Hi, Lynette!

    Wow! What a great response! I'm glad you enjoyed being the Art166 headline! I warned you I was gonna do it -- everyone (or, at the very least, those of us who are interested in art) should get a chance to read these words. You really summed up how I, and probably others, feel about working digitally.

    You know, it wasn't that long ago some newfangled process called "photography" wasn't considered "real art" either. Just imagine; no Ansel Adams anything . . . anywhere!

    I say, "Power to the pixel!"

    Oh, and I have a confession to make: I've been lurking in the WC "Quickie Digi" thread since almost the beginning! I lurk in lots of the forums, but just don't have time to let myself get addicted to posting. Keep an eye out, though, you never know when I might pop up!

  4. I love visiting your blog and seeing a new piece of art. The discovery of something beautiful is always a wonderful expeience.

    I want to press the buttons!! Even though I don't know what they do. But I suspect it would have something to do with the colour and light held waiting in each one.

    I've been watching the reruns of Due South on TV over here. They are on everyday!! I got so into it, I did something a bit silly. Don't laugh. I made a Benton Fraser Sim skin!! I can play with him to my hearts content now!! Er, OK, moving on...!

  5. That does look beautiful, W.J.

    A bit like portals into different worlds (buttons or windows).

    Sorry, there's my sci-fi babble coming out again.

    One can but dream...

  6. I wanted to press the buttons, too!

    Of COURSE this is art! It's magical when you find a medium for expressing yourself in a way that you love deep down inside. Obviously, you have done that. It comes from that part of you that, like you said so eloquently, was "created ... elsewhere." Definition of art. Period.

  7. Morning, Snoo!

    You know you and your imaginative musings are always welcome at Art166! Heck, at this point, I'm betting some of my regular readers are actually here for you!

    Due South reruns -- oh, joy! I don't have cable TV, and, a few months ago, realized that for about the same price as one month of cable service, I could treat myself to every episode of Due South on dvd. So, I did! (With a little judicious eBay and shopping, I was able to get some great prices! Gotta love discount on-line shopping!)

    "Sim" Ben Fraser! Oh, my!

  8. Thank you, kindly, TC!

    This blog is definitely a place for comfortable "babbling." I hope your visits here will always inspire you to dream . . .

  9. Hi, Candace! Thanks for the beautfully worded comment! You're right on every count -- I think all of us involved in creative pursuits feel that sense of magic and the invigorating lack of boundaries in our work. The computer just gives me another way to express and enjoy that!

    And to think, some computers only get to surf the web and play Solitaire! Mine should count itself lucky!

  10. A psychedelic box of boiled sweets comes to mind, the sort that taste of everything and nothing you've ever tasted before.

    Kids are a font of 'tell it as it is' wisdom. Adults are too conditioned to see the obvious.

    I've just thunk too hard, I'm gonna give myself a brainfart.

  11. Due South on DVD - bliss!!

    WJ, I think your computer must be living a very fulfilled life!!! I want to go rescue all those other computers now!

    I like Johnny Jazz's description very much!

  12. Johnny Jazz,

    You said:
    " . . . the sort that taste of everything and nothing you've ever tasted before."

    I say:
    That's really profound, and the sweetest thing you've ever said to me!

    Sorry I made you think . . .

  13. Snoo!

    You said:
    WJ, I think your computer must be living a very fulfilled life!!! I want to go rescue all those other computers now!

    I say:
    You'd better believe it is! Hey, if you happen to "rescue" something really fast, and really hot in the AlienWare line, feel free to send it this way!

    I like Johnny Jazz's description, too! Art166 must have the most wonderfully expressive commenters in all the kingdom (make that Queendom!) of Blogopolis!

    Due South, in any form, is bliss . . .

    "Never chase a man over a cliff."
    ~ Robert Fraser

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