Saturday, March 04, 2006

Houston Hardware 1

- (click image for a larger view)

This image is available for purchase, in a variety of sizes and price points, at

Look for it in the Unexpected Hardware gallery.


The Backstory -

I found this unassuming piece of hardware in a Houston parking lot. There was a big truck parked right in front of it (Thanks a lot, Joe.), and I had barely any room to maneuver, but I just knew I could do something amazing with this.

I love the images I've pulled out of it so far, this one being my fave, but I'm not quite amazed, yet. Thanks to the joys of Photoshop, I can keep trying until a suitable level of amazement has been achieved!


  1. Hi W.J. wow thank you for putting my link in your site. I will put yours in mine too. I was trying to answer your E-mail earlier but my Yahoo mail account has been totally messed up and I lost the letter I had written to you. Thanks for your nice E-mail it brightened up my day too. You turn your photos into some really amazing art, very cooool!

  2. Ooh, its like a trapped star, or its like an ancient rusting device from some long distant, technologically advanced civilization. And it's just switched on. Who knows what it does.

    I love the colours, and the glow, and the whole rusty thing. I love that I've no idea what it is too!!

    Well I'm suitabley amazed!!

  3. Hey, Lynette,

    Thanks for the link! I'm proud to be on the same page as your lovely art
    I'm so glad you're enjoying my work. You're an accomplished painter, and I've taken some very hard hits from some painters in the past few months -- it seems that digital art is the equivalent of creative abomination, for some -- so your kind comments and support are especially appreciated.

    Here's to you having a great week -- I can only hope we're not all doing spring cleaning!

  4. Morning, Snoo!

    ". . . a trapped star . . ." Love this! No wonder it was so hot on that parking lot. And here I thought it was just the killer Texas heat!

    "And it's just switched on. Who knows what it does." Yikes! Now, that's a scary thought! Whatever it is, it's not my fault! All I did was shoot the photo!

    Your musings on this are great! It's been suggested that I "explain" what my images are supposed to be. I say, "No way!" I'd much rather have my mentally adventurous viewers (like yourself!) speculate and decide for themselves!

  5. Morning!
    I love deciding what I think your images look like and remind me of!! It's so much fun!
    Keep inspiring me!!

    (Sorry about all the exclamation marks, I can't help it!!!!)

  6. Snoo,

    I guess we'll see each other in rehab. I'm totally addicted to exclamation points! (See any post on this blog.)

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