Tuesday, March 21, 2006


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Look for it in the Circular Logic gallery.


A few months ago, I had a very vivid dream. In this dream, I was standing alone in a huge ballroom that was being remodeled into a formal dining area.

The room was cluttered with lumber, tools, and other construction supplies, but, lined up against one empty light-blue wall, were 30 side chairs covered with a plastic drop cloth.

Unable to resist (yes, I know curiosity killed the cat), I walked over and flipped back a dusty corner of the plastic covering, revealing three brand-new chairs.

The simple wood frames were covered in many layers of sleek, black lacquer, and the chair backs and seats were heavily cushioned and covered with a heavily-textured, but velvety soft, dark red and gold fabric.

That design of stylized red stars (or, as close as I could remember and reproduce it) is what you see at the center of Heliocentricity, above.

I still have dreams (waking ones!) of getting those chairs into production. Maybe, someday, I will.

Honestly, if you buy one (or the art work!) don't use it in a light-blue room! Really!


  1. /laughs/
    Hmm... Well, then you're blessed to be able to wake up like that. For me, if I sit and lay in bed at all, I'll be tired for the entire rest of the day. Where as if I JUMP out of bed to kill something, I'll be wide awake for the rest of the day. No coffee needed.

    Btw, thanks for the comment!!

  2. you may have me with this one. I think it would go rather nicely in my newly painted den!! and, I cleaned my refrigerator. see, if I tell the world, I'm held accountable!

  3. Hey WJ!
    I've got to go to bed now, but I'll come back and comment propely on this tommorrow when I'm more with it!!

  4. "Where as if I JUMP out of bed to kill something, I'll be wide awake for the rest of the day. No coffee needed."

    Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, if you put stuff like this in writing, it blows your alibi all to hell!

  5. Ah, Karen, if you're waiting for me to try to talk you out of it -- well, that's just not gonna happen. I'm certain "Heliocentricity" will be a wonderful addition to your lovely and newly-painted den! For you, 10% off the size of your choice!

    Congrats on your clean fridge -- I can hear mine growling from here!

  6. {whispers only, everyone. snoo's resting.}

    *Lullabye, and good night . . .*

  7. Thankyou WJ :)
    Feel refreshed now, and it's sunny outside!!

    It certainly has a depth and richness that comes from 'knowing something' intimately, even if you only dreamt it. Dreams like that are so cool. Like gifts!

    The first thing it reminded me of was autumn leaves, I now I can't get that out of my head!! It looks like a cauldron sitting on a bed of leaves, brewing some magic, and the magic is leaking out into the world around it.

    Am I wierd?

  8. Hi WJ!
    It is awesome! I love it when dreams help to produce things like this. I don't get enough of them, that I remember anyway. :)
    It really draws me in...I've been sitting and staring at it for quite awhile now. I think it could possibly be a symbol/message from another world--very cool!
    have a great day and keep up the great work!

  9. See, I'm back today! it looks like it would go nicely with 'Chesire" or is that a figment of my monitors imagination?
    of course, if I wasn't BROKE, I'd buy one of everything!!!
    hmmm, I'll be back!

  10. Welcome back, Snoo!

    My dreams are frequently more vivid than "real" life! I've written poetry and short stories and had all sorts of brilliant ideas in my dreams! I keep a mini-tape recorder on my night stand so I can wake myself up and record the details. I LOVE dreaming, and always feel bad for people who say they don't remember theirs. Unfortunately, I only sleep 2 - 4 hours a night, so I don't get nearly as much dreamtime as most people. Also, and equally as unfortunate, I frequently walk in my sleep, which changes the entire landscape of my nights. What can I say? I gotta be me!

    You said:
    ". . . a cauldron sitting on a bed of leaves, brewing some magic, and the magic is leaking out into the world around it."

    I say:
    Snoo! You truly have the soul of a poet. Reading your description was like being immersed in a fairy tale! Now, I'll always think of those words when I look at this image. I'm inspired to do . . . something!

    Thank you!

  11. Shilo! Welcome back to the Asylum!

    Glad you like it -- I'm flattered to have you sitting, mesmerized by my work!

    You said:
    " . . . a symbol/message from another world . . ."

    I said:
    That would be an apt description of my mind! Thanks you, kindly!

  12. Hi, Karen!

    Yep, you're right! One of the big kicks of digital art is being able to re-work any existing image. "Chesire" was actually created from the "Heliocentricity" source file (before I shaped the stars).

    As I work, I "save as" every significant step along the way. These saved files frequently show up as new images!

    I'm highly complimented to know you'd even want to buy one of everything! That's quite the creative ego boost!

  13. What Missie Snoo said...

  14. Again the juxtaposition of a sea of chaos and the form of order. Both, mayhaps, illusion?

  15. Thanks, TC!

    I mean, Snoo.

    I mean . . .

  16. Ozy! Delighted to have you back!

    I love the way your mind works -- you're deep man, d-e-e-p . . .

  17. Incredible image and I love the powerful dream behind its creation!

  18. Glad you decided to visit, Michelle! Thanks very much for the great comment!

  19. Very mystical and rich pattern W.J. It's good you remembered your dream. Usually when I have a really vivid dream like that (not very often) I keep it in mind because sometimes they give you a hint of something to come in the future. And I'm one of those skeptics that don't believe in many supernatural things LOL. I've dreamed of someone that I hadn't seen in many years and the dream really stood out as being so vivid, different than regular dreams and usually within the next couple days I will hear from them or hear their name mentioned.

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